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Fall term

3 Dec

I’m a little baffled as to where the first semester went. It’s officially over in 19 days, but I doubt I will be hanging around all that time. Classes this term are drawing: the body, specialization in photography, photographic history, photographic practices I and ethics and standards.

I have to say, specialization and ethics were a bit of a disappointment. I don’t really feel like I was able to specialize in anything as all the assignments were dealing with the “big three” adverts, art or editorial. I couldn’t just choose one and work toward honing those skills. With ethics I didn’t really feel I learned much about what causes make a photograph controversial, though I suppose that could be fairly obvious. As well as standards, I didn’t really think I learned many standards in photography, nothing about business or any of those things.

One thing I am glad I took part in is joining the Student Legislative Council. Even though my department is full of apathy, no one seems to really care about improving the program or raising money for shows and such, I like being involved on a different level and making decisions about things. Yeah, the things I decide on isn’t really the end of the world, but ratifying student clubs and allocating money to various things, is important on it’s own level. Plus, joining the SLC let’s me meet people in all the other programs I wouldn’t be talking to as the school is somewhat segregated between the majors.

I also joined another committee dealing mainly with the faculty of my major. The goal is to assess the major and start changing it within a reasonable time table. Things like, instead of the major being a Bachelor of Design, it would become a Bachelor of Photography. To me this would make much more sense as the things I learn don’t really deal with design on the same level as the Visual Communications major. Yeah, we learn a little about text placement and leaving room for text, image placement and so on but beyond that, there isn’t really a whole lot of designing going on.

Next term I hope some of the gaps I feel are present will be filled. I am craving a business class, and unfortunately, I think there is one in 4th year. I think this is too late. We are constantly told that the business side of things becomes more important than taking images int he first place. Being self promotion machines and getting our names out there is obviously crucial. If it’s so important, why am I not learning anything about it? I do mean basic things to start out with. We’ve covered model releases which is good, but what about contracts, drafting one with proper wording that is an acceptable document. How about copyright? Editions? Invoices? Pricing? Grants? How do I put a package together?

I plan on selling my work, applying for magazines and promoting the hell out of myself. I want in depth knowledge of how to keep a good workflow and organization to do such things successfully.

One thing that has come out of the term I’m really happy with is the portfolio’s I’ve made. I think my work in those, especially the first, is what I love to take photos of and it shows how far I’ve come. I felt pretty spoiled having class time to drive around all over the place and find those buildings. It certainly didn’t feel like work. I want that all the time after graduation.

Christmas break should be quite exciting as I’m going to Newfoundland to visit my Nan. It’s been about 4 years since seeing my Nan and 10 years since I’ve been to The Rock and it’s about time I get back. I’m really looking forward to seeing my Great-Nan and where she used to live. Right on the ocean, no joke. I really hope that when I’m at that spot the fog rolls in.

Next term should be interesting as well. Design theory, photographic practices II, Advertising and communications, another drawing studio (as I’m not taking digital imaging II) and english. Should be good to see what comes out of it.



It's June.

2 Jun

Nothing on the job front so far which is getting annoying. I guess it gives me all the time in the world to make things, which is great. But income would be most appreciated.

I’ve been cross stitching. I made a small 3.5×2.5 one of a bridge I’ve never heard of before. It was a pattern in one of the many cross stitching magazines I have. I’m now currently working on a 3.5×3.5 delft design out of one of the CrossStitcher magazines that will be for my Oma. I think she will really like it.

One thing that’s nice about the little projects is they give you a sense of accomplishment. I have a couple large cross stitches going on right now. A banana and a beach water front scene, and they are taking ages. So It’s nice to busy yourself with little ones in between. I also have an idea for something for my Mom and my Nan, but I can’t say what they are because I know they read this. In any case they will be awesome. And one of them rather practical.

On the photography side of things I think I found a new style I quite like. I’ve been interested in bar codes recently and after looking at some of Dabe Alan’s work on Flickr, I got to thinking about how images work. The little strips of pixels on Dabe’s stream were really interesting to me. Though now I think they might have been little previews of something else… I have no idea what the full image is and my mind went into over drive trying to think about what they were. So in taking parts of that, and parts of the barcode that is so interesting, I’m making images that are made up of a bar code. Essentially what the bars on the code “say” is what is in the image. For example:

The bars on this image say “Grainery.” Which is what the building is. Of course as you add more information to the barcode, the more thick and longer it becomes. I personally think it’s really cool and I hope to flesh it out during the summer and really get a nice concept behind it. Instead of “I like barcodes and thought this was cool.” Not so deep.

I’ve also been shooting out of my car window with the Lensbaby. Those will be up on Flickr fairly soon.

There went 2nd year (again)

16 Apr

Two years left! Yesterday was the final day of classes for my second year (third year at ACAD.)

Now all that is left is three one-on-one sessions with my instructors and all is golden.

I’m making up a portfolio for one of my teachers and it’s really cool to have an overview of what I’ve accomplished this term and the year as a whole. I don’t feel I’ve learnt much until I talk to people and answer questions. It’s really gratifying to see how far I’ve come and see my chances of “making it” increase all that much more.

Now I have to focus on packing and getting out of residence and finding work.

On the more crafty side of things, LR found a book he really wants to get. It’s called Fashion Geek written by Diana Eng. With my sewing skills, his crochet and tech skills we should be able to create something pretty amazing.

High fashion goes digital with Diana Eng! In Fashion Geek, Diana pioneers an emerging generation of tech savvy women crafters (or would-be crafters) who demand stylish yet practical designs that are chemically charged. Now you can take simple, girly items such as a hoodie or scarf and transform them into must-have techno-accessories through approachable, step-by-step directions. Full-color photos make it easy to see how every project comes to life.

From what I gather it’s making clothing that you can fit your iPod in or other tech devices but keeping it subtle. I have a feeling a possible collaboration is in the future. It looks pretty fun, I’m interested to see what kind of projects are in there and how we might be able to change them up for something that might work for one of his MADT (media arts and digital technologies) projects.

This is what happens on Skype.

Easter Dinner, Assignments & Jealousy

5 Apr

Man, tonight’s Easter dinner was amazing. My parents and I went over to a friends house as they were cooking. We had leg of lamb, potatoes with fennel in and carrots with olive oil and some herbage. Some fruit flan for desert. Very tasty. I also had much fun giving affection to their two Devon Rex cats, Gotcha and Karma.

My parents failed to tell me they are going to Scotland and Ireland next year, which I suppose is fair. They are adults after all. I am extreeeeeeeeemely jealous!! Though, a bit glad I’m not going as all they are doing is playing golf, mainly. I’m sure a few scotch places along the way and whatever else. Not my cup of tea.

I’m in Edmonton for the long weekend, leaving tomorrow. I met up with my very good friend AW and we hung out, went for hot chocolate and gigantic cookies! We also went out to the Grainery, of course, and I got my standard shot. I made A humour me by holding my white card. She is not as willing and totally did the expression I predicted she would. Impatient unwilling model.

On the school front summer starts officially on the 27th of April, though I’m sure I will be finished a week or so before then. I’ve started looking for jobs and it sucks so far but I need cash. I’m going to be moving into my grandparents place which should be… eventful. I was just thinking the other day that I hope I’m not there too long as the bed I’m going to be sleeping on is something to be desired. Though, can’t moan too much with free food and board.

Assignments are going really well. I’m sort of ahead of myself. I’ve got all photos for one class finished. I would show them but thanks to some new in class legislation I can’t post them anywhere. Really lame. In two weeks time everyone can see everything. Then hopefully it will be forgotten about next year.

Assignments that are due until the end of the year:
Archetype/fairytale that fits into editorial fashion – no clue what I’m doing. not started.
3D paper object thing. – also no clue, not started.
Open project with complex lighting.  – finished. awesome.
Fashion/Advert with complex lighting. – finished. also awesome.
Alternative Process/presentation. – started. mega awesome.

I can’t wait until the shackles are off so I can show everyone what I’ve done!

No Crying Babies, Please.

25 Mar

Yesterday we had a pretty sweet lighting demo in the afternoon.

One of the instructors, Greg Gerla and a graduate from ACAD Michael Morrison came in and did a complex lighting demo with my class. It ended up being 6 lights in total. 5 strobes and 1 hot light, for pupil constriction.

If you have seen the work of Jill Greenberg who took the photos of those crying babies, the lighting we learned was the same set up. It’s really bright, I like it a lot.

Greg snapped the photo, Michael is the model. I really really want to try this for myself. It looks so complex but it really wasn’t. Getting the knowledge of how to set up the lights to get this is all you really need.

Boxing Champ

4 Mar

Figure I should blog a lil somethin’ somethin’ today.

Updates in life… well school, which is my life. Today in class we are making stereograms. More specifically a contraption to hold our camera wether DSLR or disposible camera or whatever to be able to take a stereogram effectively. So, I went to my grandparents. Harry (grandfather) is very skilled in carpentry so I took him a little drawing and he cut me a piece of wood with two holes in it. supplied some screws and a couple wing nuts and voila! A stereogram contraption. I haven’t tried it out, I have a feeling the hole made for the tripod screw is a smidge too small. But, we shall see. Making a hole a little bigger isnt a biggy. (ha ha)

Other assignments I have are a webpage layout for my “design fundamentals” class. Which I am finding more and more to not be very design fundamental at all. We sit around on our laptops learning how to do things in InDesign and Illustrator which is useful, but I can stumble through that on my own with help of a book or the Internet. I’d much rather be learning about how colour and text function to get peoples attention and how they react or are stimulated by certain things.

Studio lighting we were paired off, I am working with Amie, lovely girl. Some of her work can be seen here. The theme for the photo is hero and villan. So one of us is a hero, the other a villian. High key photo, dramatic and all of that. I’m guessing there might be some very wild makeup/props happening.

That’s all that’s really going on for assignments these days. I’m not sure what I’m going to shoot for the stereogram.

I’ve been talking to a couple teachers of mine to try and figure out what kind of future I have and also how I can apply other things I am interested with into my practice. The sewing and drawing for example. One of them gave me a couple ideas that I think will work. I have a feeling this is sortof a phase of uncertainty and hopefully I can still do my own thing within reason as I am feeling slightly restricted. Wether that is the program or my own interpretation I’m not sure. But I would like to keep drawing and sewing in my practice after graduation. I’m not the type that is worried about having a style or sticking to one medium. I’m finding that there are a few very famous artists out there, Pablo Picasso for one, who was very versatile and used every medium he could for his work. I like the idea of being able to use whatever I want to express the ideas I have in my head. Feeling confined to just photography is conflicting with me currently.

Though, apart from that things are going along just fine. I’m pissed off about this whole Syncrude business but that is a very different blog post!

Earning A Cape

15 Jan

Today I felt like some sort of time traveling super hero. My photographic technologies class got to play with 4×5 cameras today. I even took one whole polaroid which, turned out pretty alright. The blacks are a bit dark, but getting under the cape [my jacket] and looking into the ground glass was pretty awesome. It’s slightly disorienting to be looking at an upside down and reversed image.

It was different looking at the ground glass to see my image instead of through a small viewfinder just right for my eyeball. The sharpness is amazing though, even though in mine it isn’t a very good image. It is overall much too dark. I’m guessing colour images would be something though. The polaroid I took was with very old black and white film. There were some hippy/super hipster snow boarders doing something just behind the statue out on the west side of the school, so I tried to photograph one of them hippy jumping [no joke] a chain. I pressed the shutter too soon and got a lot of motion blur, but for a first go and with a moving object, I’m alright with it.

All I need now is some good ol’ flash powder!

1/60 @ f11