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Field Trips

25 Jan

While I’m all for class field trips, usually meaning downtown in the city, somewhere close, convenient and affordable for everyone, I didn’t expect my teacher today to propose going to Vancouver/Seattle for a four day weekend type thing. While it sounds pretty great, it’s not exactly my type of traveling, two cities in 3-4 days? A bit overwhelming. Two days traveling on a bus is not my cup of tea and most of all – I have nothing in my budget for this kind of thing.

I’m already broke, I really can’t afford something like this on a whim. Plus, in my mind set, doing a trip like that just isn’t worth it or the money spent.

If I were going to Vancouver and Seattle I’d at least make it a week if not two, not one day in each city bustling around to numerous galleries and the like without really even being able to soak in anything of the city itself. Also, I figure the nights will be like Italy all over again, everyone getting having a party or being loud in general in another room, while I have a bath to myself and go to bed early.

I probably sounded about 78 just then, but that’s what I did in Florence haha. It was actually quite nice to have a moment of quiet, the hotel room all to myself without the 5 other girls and get some much needed sleep.

If this trip happens, I’m quite sure I’m staying put at home.


March 28th 2001

28 Mar

Today was sleep in day. In the morning I went to the Uffizi, a famous art gallery, with a few others on the trip. The line took 4 hours before we got in. I bought a book with most of the paintings in it. After the gallery we met at the square with the old palace. I got a book about Florence and a shirt that says “Italia” a bunch of famous Italian buildings spelling it out.

We are going to Rome tomorrow.

March 27th 2001

27 Mar

Today we went into the Accademia. The pieces of work are unexplainable. It was very strange to see the pieces of marble with people “coming out” of them. It seriously did look like people imprisoned in the marble and Michelangelo was the one to free them. The “David” was crazy! So life like! Michelangelo even went to the lengths to include the veins in his hands and arms, neck too. I bought a guide to the Accademia to just see all of the artwork again. I also bought some postcards and a hand painted name from a vendor on the street. You spelled your name for her and she painted it on the spot for you.

Tomorrow is our last day here. I think I might phone mom and dad tonight.

March 26th 2001

26 Mar

Today we woke up at 5 AM to catch a train. It was very beautiful. The ride was 3 hours long and the scenery was… unexplainable! I can now see why dad can remember a lot about this country. Today we are in Florence. We will stay here for 3 days, make that nights. Today we did a little bit of touring. We went into a church called… I have forgotten but I’ll list the name when I get a book or ask someone. [Basilica of Santa Croce.]┬áBut inside it was “wow.” This is where they have a whole lot of people laid to rest. It is interesting because there is a white slab of marble in the floor, carved with the person or words inscribed saying who it is. Among the people there are – Da Vinci, Galileo, Michelangelo and a story writer. ( I can’t remember the name at the moment.) [Rossini] I took photos of them though. Tomorrow we are going inside the Duomo and inside another place to see the real “David.” It should be interesting.

I have noticed the gypsy people in some of the squares asking for money. I do feel sad about them but it is hard to tell if they really need it. We are meeting our guide tomorrow at 9 AM which I think is nice because we get to stay off our feet for a while longer.

Everyone is in one room for a party. I did not go mainly because I wasn’t invited but I feel I need some alone time right now. I am going to read for a short while then go to bed.