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Twitter Break

10 Jan

As much as I love Twitter, a recent comment on my Flickr photostream made me think that I might implement a little change.

A while ago, before being on Twitter, I would write little thoughts of things I saw during my day on post-it notes. I really did quite enjoy it, people liked it which was a bonus, and I want to get back into that. So, I think for the remaining days of January, I’m going to try really hard to write down my little thoughts rather than Tweet them and then post them on my Flickr.

I’ll still use Twitter for some updates I guess, and when I post a blog here as it does that automatically.


GTA Style

27 Feb

When I have dreams they are usually quite interesting. Lately I have been having dreams that I remember and one of them I was able to make my own decisions in. I tweeted the summary when I woke up.

“I was driving around it was rather boring so I said “let’s do this GTA style!” wrecked my car and decided there was a gun in my glovebox.”

So the dream was pretty much I was driving around in my car which I found rather mundane, so myself in my dream thought “Let’s do this GTA style.” Drove around like crazy, crashing into people. I figured I would need a gun so I consciously decided there better be a gun in my glove box. When I opened it there indeed was a gun in there. It was so awesome.

so the point of this post is to feature a comic made by a friend from school, Greg Doble. He is one of the founders of Twinlings the comic blog I participate in. He has his own comic blog called You Like This. He takes status updates from Facebook and makes a little comic about them. So he chose mine! It is below. I love it.


27 Jan