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Ai WeiWei

8 Apr


On April 3, internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was detained at the Beijing airport while en route to Hong Kong, and his papers and computers were seized from his studio compound.

We members of the international arts community express our concern for Ai’s freedom and disappointment in China’s reluctance to live up to its promise to nurture creativity and independent thought, the keys to “soft power” and cultural influence.


There is a petition started that we can all sign to call for the release of Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. If you have been following the story, please sign the petition here.

For articles and current news on Ai Weiwei you can find it here on BBC news online.


Art Hole Radio

23 Mar

My good buddy, Lucas Roberts, has started up a radio station of sorts at school. It’s totally student run with a small group of wickedly talented executives. We will be looking for submissions from other students as well, so there should be a pretty sweet selection of content coming once we get things rolling.

I’ve got my own show called Shipwrecked. It’s and adapted version of Desert Island Discs from the BBC. I’ve yet to have an episode up, but soon! I am going to be the first cast away, and I hope to interview a girl in my class, Tasha Barrie, very soon.

The official blog for the “station” is here.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Fall term

3 Dec

I’m a little baffled as to where the first semester went. It’s officially over in 19 days, but I doubt I will be hanging around all that time. Classes this term are drawing: the body, specialization in photography, photographic history, photographic practices I and ethics and standards.

I have to say, specialization and ethics were a bit of a disappointment. I don’t really feel like I was able to specialize in anything as all the assignments were dealing with the “big three” adverts, art or editorial. I couldn’t just choose one and work toward honing those skills. With ethics I didn’t really feel I learned much about what causes make a photograph controversial, though I suppose that could be fairly obvious. As well as standards, I didn’t really think I learned many standards in photography, nothing about business or any of those things.

One thing I am glad I took part in is joining the Student Legislative Council. Even though my department is full of apathy, no one seems to really care about improving the program or raising money for shows and such, I like being involved on a different level and making decisions about things. Yeah, the things I decide on isn’t really the end of the world, but ratifying student clubs and allocating money to various things, is important on it’s own level. Plus, joining the SLC let’s me meet people in all the other programs I wouldn’t be talking to as the school is somewhat segregated between the majors.

I also joined another committee dealing mainly with the faculty of my major. The goal is to assess the major and start changing it within a reasonable time table. Things like, instead of the major being a Bachelor of Design, it would become a Bachelor of Photography. To me this would make much more sense as the things I learn don’t really deal with design on the same level as the Visual Communications major. Yeah, we learn a little about text placement and leaving room for text, image placement and so on but beyond that, there isn’t really a whole lot of designing going on.

Next term I hope some of the gaps I feel are present will be filled. I am craving a business class, and unfortunately, I think there is one in 4th year. I think this is too late. We are constantly told that the business side of things becomes more important than taking images int he first place. Being self promotion machines and getting our names out there is obviously crucial. If it’s so important, why am I not learning anything about it? I do mean basic things to start out with. We’ve covered model releases which is good, but what about contracts, drafting one with proper wording that is an acceptable document. How about copyright? Editions? Invoices? Pricing? Grants? How do I put a package together?

I plan on selling my work, applying for magazines and promoting the hell out of myself. I want in depth knowledge of how to keep a good workflow and organization to do such things successfully.

One thing that has come out of the term I’m really happy with is the portfolio’s I’ve made. I think my work in those, especially the first, is what I love to take photos of and it shows how far I’ve come. I felt pretty spoiled having class time to drive around all over the place and find those buildings. It certainly didn’t feel like work. I want that all the time after graduation.

Christmas break should be quite exciting as I’m going to Newfoundland to visit my Nan. It’s been about 4 years since seeing my Nan and 10 years since I’ve been to The Rock and it’s about time I get back. I’m really looking forward to seeing my Great-Nan and where she used to live. Right on the ocean, no joke. I really hope that when I’m at that spot the fog rolls in.

Next term should be interesting as well. Design theory, photographic practices II, Advertising and communications, another drawing studio (as I’m not taking digital imaging II) and english. Should be good to see what comes out of it.



11 Jul

Well well, hello there blog. Been almost a month, eh?

I’ve been busy working on a project dealing with QR Codes and Transhumanism/Post-humanism. It’s all very complex and stuff, but the history of barcodes it genuinely interesting. So is transhumanism for that matter. This is basically a far more fleshed out idea than the linear barcode idea I talked about a few posts ago. If you’ve seen the film Minority Report, the idea is kind of based off the eye scanning system they have, to track, identify and personalize adverts for whoever is walking by. There is also a bunch of ideas behind barcodes that we will all just be a number in the future etc…

I’m trying to get into reading again. I’ve started a book I bought ages ago called “Outliers.”

It’s basically talking about success and how part of you becoming successful can be where you are from as well as when you were born. Not just parenting, hard work and all that. Which of course are important, but it’s an interesting view. I’ve only read the intro so far but I will keep with it!

In other news I got my long dead Xbox replaced. I traded up to get a glossy new xbox slim. It is very nice, the chrome details made me nearly swoon, as I am a loser for little details like that. I’ve been playing far too much Red Dead Redemption in some free time and I’m now working to get 100% game completion. Why? I’m not exactly sure. To say I have I suppose. I’m looking forward to starting Splinter Cell: Conviction. I’ve enjoyed the games on game cube so I’m sure it can only be as good if not better for xbox this time round.

I bought one of my friends -the- perfect purple western shirt. The colour she has chosen for her riding accessories is purple, so her bridle, saddle pad, blanket … everything! Is purple. I went to one of her first horse shows of the season and her western shirt she bought when she was 16. It still kind of fits but is a bit tight in some areas, if you know what I mean. So I got this shirt, it’s a men’s shirt but it should fit her. Totally plain. I’m going to add new buttons and embroider the hell out of it to make it awesome and flashy. Which is the way of these western shirts. It’s her Christmas present… shhh. (This is my friend who is a technophobe so she won’t be seeing this.) I’m pretty excited to use all the purple shades possible, sequins and pretty purple buttons to jazz up the shirt.

Product shot from the Wrangler 20x website. No offence to the model but I hope it looks better on her.

And, as if I didn’t have enough projects going on, my very good friend Lucas is going to teach me how to knit. I bought needles (orange ones, obviously) and yarn today! I’m looking forward to knitting, crocheting and cross stitching parties haha!

Some pretty cool things are going on.

9 Jun

First off, I sent my address to Jill Wignall the lady behind Today I Saw. When Jill sees something she draws it on a blank postcard and sends it to someone. I got my address in at the last second! Her project is over this July, having done it for a whole year. I feel so lucky to be getting one:

On another note, Thankfully the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is starting to be controlled. I’m certainly not a hippy or deep environmentalist, anti-oil and all the rest. But the disaster is a huge concern of mine. The clean up will be one hell of a job. On one of the blogs I follow, they had a link to a little application where you could put the size of the oil spill over your home region, just to put it into perspective. I was blown away at how large it is over my home area. Seeing the small satellite picture on BBC News doesn’t really do the scale justice. So, if the spill was over Calgary, this is how it would look:


In other news, I have gotten myself a volunteer position at abrecords. A little recording studio here in Calgary. I’m basically going to be a gopher, filling envelopes, getting office supplies and updating social networking sites. I think it will be a great opportunity. Down the line it might open doors for photography opportunities and may turn into a job down the line. I’m really looking forward to it.

It's June.

2 Jun

Nothing on the job front so far which is getting annoying. I guess it gives me all the time in the world to make things, which is great. But income would be most appreciated.

I’ve been cross stitching. I made a small 3.5×2.5 one of a bridge I’ve never heard of before. It was a pattern in one of the many cross stitching magazines I have. I’m now currently working on a 3.5×3.5 delft design out of one of the CrossStitcher magazines that will be for my Oma. I think she will really like it.

One thing that’s nice about the little projects is they give you a sense of accomplishment. I have a couple large cross stitches going on right now. A banana and a beach water front scene, and they are taking ages. So It’s nice to busy yourself with little ones in between. I also have an idea for something for my Mom and my Nan, but I can’t say what they are because I know they read this. In any case they will be awesome. And one of them rather practical.

On the photography side of things I think I found a new style I quite like. I’ve been interested in bar codes recently and after looking at some of Dabe Alan’s work on Flickr, I got to thinking about how images work. The little strips of pixels on Dabe’s stream were really interesting to me. Though now I think they might have been little previews of something else… I have no idea what the full image is and my mind went into over drive trying to think about what they were. So in taking parts of that, and parts of the barcode that is so interesting, I’m making images that are made up of a bar code. Essentially what the bars on the code “say” is what is in the image. For example:

The bars on this image say “Grainery.” Which is what the building is. Of course as you add more information to the barcode, the more thick and longer it becomes. I personally think it’s really cool and I hope to flesh it out during the summer and really get a nice concept behind it. Instead of “I like barcodes and thought this was cool.” Not so deep.

I’ve also been shooting out of my car window with the Lensbaby. Those will be up on Flickr fairly soon.

I thought I'd better make an effort.

8 May

Oh man, things have been crazy busy. OK. I lied. They have been boring.

I got a call from a camera store located in Edmonton all jazzed up that I might be getting an interview but… turns out they are looking for someone to work from now through until Christmas. That wouldn’t work at all. So those hopes were dashed in a matter of 5 minutes. -sigh-

Markets are still tough here even though Canada has been very economically strong through the recession and we are “out” of it as far as I know. But no one is hiring as I think things are still a bit fragile.

On the upside, this week I felt a bit famous. I saw this:

It was designed by Ed Nacional and I love it. The second I saw it I thought it would look great like this:

Of course it does. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Ed Nacional likes is a whole lot, which is so great, and so do so many other people. I even got tweeted by Friends of Type, Kitsune Noir [gasp!!] and Ed himself. Along with a couple other lovely people. I’m really flattered about all the compliments and it’s really encouraging to keep doing this stuff and, of course, coming up with my own designs.

I’m also going home to Edmonton for next week for a couple weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing my three cats who I miss very much. [Insert shout out to Kiwi, Nyx and Pollux] I’m also looking forward to seeing my parents of course. It’s been a while, since February I think, when reading week was happening. They are going on a little anniversary [20th!] getaway to Victoria for some golf and fun in the sun. So, I’m hanging out in Edot looking after the house and doing a lot of sewing! [and cleaning, but that isn’t all that fun.]