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John's Phone

4 Apr

After a conversation in class and looking at my monthly phone bills for a phone I hardly really use, I’ve been thinking of “downgrading” from my iPhone 3G. I’m sure I’ve already startled a few of you already but as a student with no job, paying off a bill upwards of $100 a month is kinda crazy. I don’t have the type of job yet (if I’m ever in that position) to really need the instant updates that the iPhone has.

I usually have my computer with me, or am on my computer so I’m starting to question why I need a cell phone that brings me my email, twitter and all the rest right when I need it. So I’ve been looking at this phone I’ve seen a while back called the John’s Phone. It’s a phone that only and I mean ONLY makes phone calls. That is it.

In my looking in downgrading, all the phones have things I don’t really want, which is starting to become practically everything. I hardly text, get voicemail etc etc etc… The only thing I might want is the camera, but I don’t really use the one on my phone that much right now anyways. Plus, not having a camera on my phone might make me carry around a proper camera more, as one should.

Talking to one of my technophobe friends, this phone would be perfect for her as trying to find a phone that just makes and gets calls is almost impossible you always have to get one with features you’ll never use. The John’s phone gives you just the utter basics. Not many people know or would probably buy this thing, but I’m honestly considering it if I can get it working here in Canada. The phone is “jailbroken” so it can work anywhere with most any SIM card. It has a battery life of 3 WEEKS on standby. Try getting any smart phone to last that long. Plus it looks pretty. I would (of course) get the orange one. I think it would be quite a conversation starter.

The phone also comes in black, white, pink, brown, green and gold. The other functions are on/lock/off, ringer/no ringer and the volume control. There is a display at the top that acts as display for the number you are inputting as well as the numbers that are incoming. The other sweet feature is the contact book. At the back of the phone there is space for a little physical contact book where you write down the numbers. The phone also has a slot with a pen in it to put in those important contacts.

I emailed my uncle in Holland to have a look for them, as he’s coming this May and if he can get one there, it would make shipping it an the like much less of a headache. Though, I haven’t seen the orange one on any of the partner sites it is being sold to, but maybe if it’s found directly from the source, they might have orange. It is the national colour! So, here’s hoping.