Dumb Phone

14 Jun

About a month ago my uncle brought me my John’s phone from Holland. Since then I find myself getting over an addiction I didn’t think I had to my iPhone. The John’s phone can only make and receive calls, no apps, no texting or voicemail. Some people have dubbed it a “dumb phone” rather than a smart phone. The first couple weeks I was itching to check whatever app but now I find it nice that I can check e-mail when I like and get my twitter updates when I’m on my computer, which is most of the time anyways.

The one thing I miss most is the calendar and note app, as I’d normally write down names of photographers or something I see in a magazine at the bookstore, but now I can be more self reliant and use a day planner I bought last year for homework and physically writing down dates as well as a small notebook for the things that I want to remember. Relying more on myself for such things rather than my phone to do it for me. Another thing that I’ve had to get used to is wearing a watch. I haven’t had to wear a wrist watch for nearly a decade as I’ve had a cellphone about that long and they all had the time on them. The John’s phone has no clock on it, so I’ve gone out and gotten myself a watch.

The nice things about this watch is it’s small, different with the wrap around band and my favourite colour. It’s from American Eagle and being someone who doesn’t like to show off brands, I like that the only thing that shows it’s brand is the logo in the 12 spot. It’s subtle and nothing over bearing that has the company name all over it.

The main reason I switched phones was because I can’t afford the iPhone bill I get gouged with every month. $100+ a month is ridiculous for a phone I really hardly ever use to it’s full capacity. Where as now, it’s nice that if you want to talk to me, you have to actually phone me, and catch me as you can’t leave a message. I suppose it could be seen as inconvenient, but that’s one thing I like about it.

Apart from money I wanted a way to disconnect. No chime telling me I’ve got a new email that I felt like I had to look at straight away or it would bug me. Text messaging is convenient but I like hearing people’s voices, especially when at school as it makes it feel like I’m not so far from home (even though it’s only physically 3 hours.)

So, until I get a job where I have to be on call all the time, and maybe I can rig it so I don’t have to be on call all the time, the iPhone 3G can sit in it’s box waiting until I have to reconnect and be fully immersed into the always on the go mentality and lifestyle.


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