Newfoundland VI

4 Jan

This one is a little late, as flying back and getting settled in at home again was priority.

We went for a bit of a drive up to Jacques-Fontaine, where my great nan and pop used to live. It’s about an hour drive from Burin, but well worth it. There’s something about that place that is so personal I can’t explain why. I get all choked up thinking about it, seeing it was even worse. I didn’t choke up though, it was really calm and oddly at peace. The tide was in, and of course it had changed some in the 10 years since I’ve been. The sound of the waves coming lightly to shore brought back so much stuff. I spent a while wandering the small rocky beach looking for rocks that had holes in them. My great Pop used to look for them and I still have some he gave me years ago. I didn’t seen any, but I found three pieces of sea glass, a shell (there were many, but I wanted one) and a very flat rock. On my way back to the van, I found a very old shoe sole. Quite small which would have belonged to a child. It was an odd find, I’m glad I found it and was able to make it mine.

We went to another spot which I think was called Parker’s Cove. I’ll have to double check. There was some waves crashing into an island and such. Of course it was typical Newfoundland hamlet. Sheds on their docks and an outlet to the ocean. There was also a dog out there in it’s little house, chained up in the back of someone’s yeard. I whistled at it so I could get a picture of it looking at me.


The day after we went along to the swimming hole. Which, according to Google Maps, doesn’t have a name. But it is in between Aurthurs Pond and Island Pond. When I was in Newfoundland between grades 4 and 5 for 6 weeks, my friend Johnny and I would swim here regularly as it was one of those hot summers. Though, when we went there was a little bit of snow falling on me. I hiked the short trail to the ‘diving board’, getting my shoes well muddy in the process, as well as nearly freezing my feet off while wading through a small stream that used to have a mini boardwalk over it.

But, making it up to that spot was worth it. Being there again brought back memories, the worry of eels in the shallow parts. I have no idea how long we swam out there before Johnny’s dad came back to get us. It was really deep, and cold. No sign of the bottom at all. But well worth it when the temperature was in the 30s (Celcius) on a daily basis.


The day we left, my folks and I made a stop in North Harbour. It’s where my Pop is buried and it was strange seeing the headstone. Not to get all deep, but it’s strange having someone pass away so suddenly. Getting that phone call was odd, as I totally went through the first few phases of mourning in about 10 minutes. Seeing him there was just, strange. I’m not sure I’m really over it.

After paying our respects, we carried on back to St. John’s. We saw two moose on the way as well, which seemed to be a rare thing as there were about 5 cars on the side of the highway with us. I, of course, didn’t have my camera ready, or the right lens, so I didn’t get a picture. I was pretty pissed off at that missed opportunity. But I got some nice landscapes otherwise.

When we got into Town, I had gotten in contact with my friend Matthew, who lives out there. We got connected on Facebook in an odd way. He came down and had dinner with my folks and I at the hotel and had a really good chat for a few hours. (I got my cod tongues for dinner too!) I was quite pleased with that. Matthew is the one who used a couple of my photos for his latest album he released, so I traded him Karl Pilkington’s newest book for a signed copy of it.

After the conversation it was bed time, then flying time for another 6 hours with a short stop in Toronto. I was not happy to see the snow we have back at home as Newfoundland had none! The temperature was also quite nice ranging at +2 – +6 each day we were there. Our luggage decided to come last off the plane but we meandered home finally to much noise from the cats. Seems they were ‘neglected’ when we were away.

I am determined to not be 35 the next time I go.



One Response to “Newfoundland VI”

  1. mom January 14, 2011 at 7:52 PM #

    Loved the story… we also had a great relaxed time.

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