I am an Atheist

28 Dec

Not sure if you’ve read or heard about this article, written by Ricky Gervais. He is getting a lot of smack for it, as he is an atheist with lots of people going after him even before this article got over 6000 comments and 151 000 Facebook likes. I feel in the same boat sometimes. Trying to live a secular life is so hard being in a Christian majority country. Sometimes you get people berating you for not having any belief system. Sometimes I get annoyed with Christianity pushed in my face a lot of the time when I don’t want it there or people feeling bad for me that I don’t believe in any god or thinking I’m a lesser person for being ‘without.’

I like living for myself, knowing that this is all I have, this one life. Yes, that thought is daunting. I need to make the most of it and leave something behind to be remembered by. But it also makes it challenging and worth it and it makes me want to try hard to accomplish something because I know, in my opinion, there is nothing waiting for me after death.

Like Ricky I am not out to offend anyone, or start debates. I’m not here to tell you what to believe or say that it’s wrong you do. I am an Atheist and I’m very ok with that. I hope you can accept me for what I think and feel is best for me and my life’s choices.

Rick quoted someone’s comment on his blog that I feel rings true with how I feel about religion and the opinion that religion invented morality:

“Good people do good things. Nobody needs religion to be good. Intelligent people understand the benefit of a moral compass and logically embrace positive attributes. Intelligent people do not need to be coerced with promises of an afterlife or threats with absurd punishments that even the cruelest human being wouldn’t mete out. Humans have invented gods since the beginning of time. Faith is nothing but the belief and hope that something is true. Faith is an excuse to be irrational. Human rights are secular inventions. Science flies rockets into space, religion flies airplanes into office towers. Religion is responsible for more destruction, more war, more violence, more discrimination, more punishment, more inequity, more poverty, more persecution, more lies, more vengeance, more indignities, more human rights violations, more myths, more superstition, more divisiveness, and more intolerance than any other entity on earth. It is consistently and endlessly an obstacle for science. It warps minds, forbids questions, and is self-righteous. The scriptures and rules from every religion are condradictory, inconsistent, illogical, self-destructive, and completely nonsensical. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and throw the rest in the garbage.”


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