26 Dec

Went down to Grand Bank yesterday for Christmas dinner at the old people’s home. Saw my great nan, who at 91, looks pretty good. She didn’t say anything but she’s still fairly mobile, though in a chair. She looked at me a few times, and even though her mind isn’t all that good, it wasn’t like she was a ghost of herself. She was just an old lady who I had met a few times in my life who didn’t know who I was. It wasn’t a depressing atmosphere or anything. It was quite nice. She also got spoiled with all her 7 kids buying up something. 18 pairs of socks and new pyjamas and the like. She won’t be going spare for candy either.

Tonight we had our big Christmas dinner, 25 pound turkey, lots of dressing and salt beef and the whole show. It was amazing. I get to relive it all for the next few days as well! My apple pie has been eaten, but with all that food there wasn’t any room for dessert.

Gifts went over well too on Christmas morning. I got a hoodie with faux fur lining that can be worn as a coat, some kitchen things which will be quite handy, cash, another chocolate letter, and a few other little things that are all appreciated. That cash is going toward a Wii though. With my Nan getting one ( I KNOW!) it’s making me want one more than ever haha. My nan also got a little iPod shuffle. I’ve helped her set it all up so she knows how to get music on it and so on, I’ll be setting up the Wii for her tomorrow. She liked the cushion I made her, I shall snap a photo of it before I head out as I haven’t taken one of it yet and the christmas ornaments went over well too.

After the home we went down for a little drive around, passing by Grand Beach, Frenchman’s Cove and Port au Bras. It was well windy and I nearly got blown over, but I got some pretty fantastic pictures as well.


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