24 Dec

Today was pretty quiet. No rain which was nice, but still rather overcast. My folks went up to St. Lawrence where a couple ships crashed on the side of a cliff a while back and there was quite a rescue effort. I was in bed sleeping, but that’s alright, I needed it a bit after the flight and the drive. The timezone change to gaining 3.5 hours enough to mess with your system.

Tomorrow we are going up to Grand Bank to see my Great Nan, 91 years old, and having some Christmas dinner with her for lunch. She may or may not know me, but that’s alright, I know her and that’s all that matters. I saw a picture of her today and she looks somewhat the same, though a fair bit older. My Uncle Dave said that yesterday she knew who he was, so she has her days.

Tomorrow we are also doing presents. I know one thing I’m getting as my mom phoned me asking about it. I made something for my Nan and I hope she likes it. I’m sure she will as who’s Nan wouldn’t like something made by their grandchild? I also hope my folks like the small thing I came up with. We will see tomorrow morning!

Have a really great Christmas everyone! Best wishes.



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