23 Dec

I’m currently about 45 kilometres outside of St. John’s, capital city of Newfoundland & Labrador, on my way to see my Nan for Christmas. After a very long day of flying yesterday, with Inception as one of the movies, we arrived in St. John’s at about 11:30 PM nfld time with a stop along the way in Ottawa. Phoned my Nan when we were there and she said she baked my apple pie with 18 apples! Amazing. That will involve a picture no doubt.

After getting to the Sheraton Hotel, putting our bags away in our rooms, my folks and I went out to a pub that is 24 hours, the Celtic Hearth. Brilliant having a 24 hour pub. Edmonton/Calgary, let’s make this happen! My mom and I had the fish and chips with dressing (stuffing) and gravy on the fries. Amazing combo of flavour, while my dad had a burger. I’m not sure how much seafood I’ll be having when out here, so I want to consume as much as the fresh fish as possible!

The weather is something to be desired, raining and very very windy, which is apparent even more when you’re in a vehicle that is about as aerodynamic as a toaster. Though with no snow, it’s hard to complain about it. Something about the rain just makes it all that more “Newfoundland” in my mind. We just came into some fog as well. Just passed a sign saying Clarenville is 87 km away. We are heading down to the Burin Peninsula and will probably be hanging around that area for the majority of the trip. On Christmas Day we will be spending lunch at a seniors home where my Great Nan, 91 years old, is living. Her mind isn’t so good, but we know her and it’s good to see her as realistically she could go at any time now.

My great uncle Dave will also be around when we are as he wanted to come home for Christmas, I only met him when I was a baby, so it will be good to meet more of the family, plus it gives my dad another guy to hang around with and I’m sure they can get away from us ladies.

There are a couple things on my to do list, so hopefully I will be able to do those things in the days we have here. Apart from a few set events, like Christmas, everything is pretty open, so I hope we can do some driving so I can see some spots I went to as a kid that really stuck in my mind.

No moose sightings yet, but that could change.


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