A Year Until Graduation…

20 Dec

I just did a little counting. School week wise, I have about 51 weeks until I graduate. That’s a little daunting.

I took about as much time looking at a new school, and now within that time frame I will be leaving that school after 5 years. One one hand I’m looking forward to it. I’m getting to that stage where I’m kind of over school, I’m still learning a lot, more than I thought I would, and I like the formal safety net. On the other, without that safety net, I’m getting my wings back after having them clipped and making it on my own is all up to me after I’m done at ACAD.

I’ve been looking over my goals and priorities recently and the ultimate one is having my very own micro business. One thing that is really inspiring is all the blogs I follow on my Google Reader (I have 135 blogs so far on there) is the majority of them are micro business owners. It’s so cool to hear the stories of how they worked for a number of years at a 9-5 job before being able to quit and do what they want full time, all the time, while still being young to enjoy it. This is what I want.

I guess the plan thus far is to do the 9-5, making cash to fund my projects. Sell those projects online or at different sales like craft shows and start building my reputation as a photographer and crafter or whatever I decide to get up to. Maintaining this blog and becoming a self-promotion machine. Then hopefully within the 5-10 (hopefully not 10!) year span, I too will be able to quit and do what I want full time, all the time. But being say, 30 – 35 and having my dream job is pretty darn good. I feel really lucky about being in a time where having a micro business isn’t some crazy outlandish thought. Sure, it will take a LOT of hard work, but I like the challenge and I really hope it will be worth it.


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