Hallo! You Like Consumption

28 Jul

I bought a book today that might inspire me to draw something everyday. Or almost every day at least. It’s called “Obsessive Consumption – What did you buy today?” by Kate Bingaman-Burt. This is one of those books you can flip through casually and always find something new on the page. Kate draws everything from pop cans to a car. Just the simplest things that she finds can be trends or splurges on those “must haves.” The drawings are really fun and witty which is just a bonus.

Kate has been drawing something she purchased every day since February 5th 2006. The book is a selection from those 1460 drawings. Most of the drawings have a little note about where it was bought, where it sits, why it was bought and the price, of course. You can find Kate on Flickr too.

I really like this idea. I don’t know why but I think it might help me manage my money better (which I am really bad at) because I would be much more aware of the things I buy on a daily basis. For my own purposes, since I don’t buy something every day these days, I’m just drawing as I go along.

I was featured again on Greg Doble’s daily comic – You Like This.

I love the above piece of type. This is made by Friends of Type while they are over at Form FiftyFive this week doing some kind of exchange. I’m not exactly sure what that means but I really like the results coming out of it. This is what FoT have to say about this work:

As part of our week-long turn on Form FiftyFive, this post represented the fine typographic Kingdom of the Netherlands. In researching the Dutch national flag I found the nation that uses orange in everything from their travel brand to their sporting kit, most recently in the World Cup, at one point actually had orange in their flag. Their current tricolor is red/white/blue and the reason for changing from orange to red is obscure. Some theories include that the orange dye was unstable and shifted to red, that new dyes looked more red, that sailors preferred red, and that the House of Orange became less popular.

The orange comes from the leader of the Dutch revolt against Spain, lead by William I, Prince of Orange.

Looking at blogs like this is really inspiring to the point where I see an idea and think it wouldn’t be that difficult to try my own hand at it. I have no idea about any design or technicalities behind typography, but looking at pieces like this making me think that I could take pretty much anything I’m into and make it into a typographical work. Another things I really love about FoT is how, on some posts, they have some sketchbook scratches that show it really is a lot of experimentation until you find something that you like and that works.


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