11 Jul

Well well, hello there blog. Been almost a month, eh?

I’ve been busy working on a project dealing with QR Codes and Transhumanism/Post-humanism. It’s all very complex and stuff, but the history of barcodes it genuinely interesting. So is transhumanism for that matter. This is basically a far more fleshed out idea than the linear barcode idea I talked about a few posts ago. If you’ve seen the film Minority Report, the idea is kind of based off the eye scanning system they have, to track, identify and personalize adverts for whoever is walking by. There is also a bunch of ideas behind barcodes that we will all just be a number in the future etc…

I’m trying to get into reading again. I’ve started a book I bought ages ago called “Outliers.”

It’s basically talking about success and how part of you becoming successful can be where you are from as well as when you were born. Not just parenting, hard work and all that. Which of course are important, but it’s an interesting view. I’ve only read the intro so far but I will keep with it!

In other news I got my long dead Xbox replaced. I traded up to get a glossy new xbox slim. It is very nice, the chrome details made me nearly swoon, as I am a loser for little details like that. I’ve been playing far too much Red Dead Redemption in some free time and I’m now working to get 100% game completion. Why? I’m not exactly sure. To say I have I suppose. I’m looking forward to starting Splinter Cell: Conviction. I’ve enjoyed the games on game cube so I’m sure it can only be as good if not better for xbox this time round.

I bought one of my friends -the- perfect purple western shirt. The colour she has chosen for her riding accessories is purple, so her bridle, saddle pad, blanket … everything! Is purple. I went to one of her first horse shows of the season and her western shirt she bought when she was 16. It still kind of fits but is a bit tight in some areas, if you know what I mean. So I got this shirt, it’s a men’s shirt but it should fit her. Totally plain. I’m going to add new buttons and embroider the hell out of it to make it awesome and flashy. Which is the way of these western shirts. It’s her Christmas present… shhh. (This is my friend who is a technophobe so she won’t be seeing this.) I’m pretty excited to use all the purple shades possible, sequins and pretty purple buttons to jazz up the shirt.

Product shot from the Wrangler 20x website. No offence to the model but I hope it looks better on her.

And, as if I didn’t have enough projects going on, my very good friend Lucas is going to teach me how to knit. I bought needles (orange ones, obviously) and yarn today! I’m looking forward to knitting, crocheting and cross stitching parties haha!


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