It's June.

2 Jun

Nothing on the job front so far which is getting annoying. I guess it gives me all the time in the world to make things, which is great. But income would be most appreciated.

I’ve been cross stitching. I made a small 3.5×2.5 one of a bridge I’ve never heard of before. It was a pattern in one of the many cross stitching magazines I have. I’m now currently working on a 3.5×3.5 delft design out of one of the CrossStitcher magazines that will be for my Oma. I think she will really like it.

One thing that’s nice about the little projects is they give you a sense of accomplishment. I have a couple large cross stitches going on right now. A banana and a beach water front scene, and they are taking ages. So It’s nice to busy yourself with little ones in between. I also have an idea for something for my Mom and my Nan, but I can’t say what they are because I know they read this. In any case they will be awesome. And one of them rather practical.

On the photography side of things I think I found a new style I quite like. I’ve been interested in bar codes recently and after looking at some of Dabe Alan’s work on Flickr, I got to thinking about how images work. The little strips of pixels on Dabe’s stream were really interesting to me. Though now I think they might have been little previews of something else… I have no idea what the full image is and my mind went into over drive trying to think about what they were. So in taking parts of that, and parts of the barcode that is so interesting, I’m making images that are made up of a bar code. Essentially what the bars on the code “say” is what is in the image. For example:

The bars on this image say “Grainery.” Which is what the building is. Of course as you add more information to the barcode, the more thick and longer it becomes. I personally think it’s really cool and I hope to flesh it out during the summer and really get a nice concept behind it. Instead of “I like barcodes and thought this was cool.” Not so deep.

I’ve also been shooting out of my car window with the Lensbaby. Those will be up on Flickr fairly soon.


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