I thought I'd better make an effort.

8 May

Oh man, things have been crazy busy. OK. I lied. They have been boring.

I got a call from a camera store located in Edmonton all jazzed up that I might be getting an interview but… turns out they are looking for someone to work from now through until Christmas. That wouldn’t work at all. So those hopes were dashed in a matter of 5 minutes. -sigh-

Markets are still tough here even though Canada has been very economically strong through the recession and we are “out” of it as far as I know. But no one is hiring as I think things are still a bit fragile.

On the upside, this week I felt a bit famous. I saw this:

It was designed by Ed Nacional and I love it. The second I saw it I thought it would look great like this:

Of course it does. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Ed Nacional likes is a whole lot, which is so great, and so do so many other people. I even got tweeted by Friends of Type, Kitsune Noir [gasp!!] and Ed himself. Along with a couple other lovely people. I’m really flattered about all the compliments and it’s really encouraging to keep doing this stuff and, of course, coming up with my own designs.

I’m also going home to Edmonton for next week for a couple weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing my three cats who I miss very much. [Insert shout out to Kiwi, Nyx and Pollux] I’m also looking forward to seeing my parents of course. It’s been a while, since February I think, when reading week was happening. They are going on a little anniversary [20th!] getaway to Victoria for some golf and fun in the sun. So, I’m hanging out in Edot looking after the house and doing a lot of sewing! [and cleaning, but that isn’t all that fun.]


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