Easter Dinner, Assignments & Jealousy

5 Apr

Man, tonight’s Easter dinner was amazing. My parents and I went over to a friends house as they were cooking. We had leg of lamb, potatoes with fennel in and carrots with olive oil and some herbage. Some fruit flan for desert. Very tasty. I also had much fun giving affection to their two Devon Rex cats, Gotcha and Karma.

My parents failed to tell me they are going to Scotland and Ireland next year, which I suppose is fair. They are adults after all. I am extreeeeeeeeemely jealous!! Though, a bit glad I’m not going as all they are doing is playing golf, mainly. I’m sure a few scotch places along the way and whatever else. Not my cup of tea.

I’m in Edmonton for the long weekend, leaving tomorrow. I met up with my very good friend AW and we hung out, went for hot chocolate and gigantic cookies! We also went out to the Grainery, of course, and I got my standard shot. I made A humour me by holding my white card. She is not as willing and totally did the expression I predicted she would. Impatient unwilling model.

On the school front summer starts officially on the 27th of April, though I’m sure I will be finished a week or so before then. I’ve started looking for jobs and it sucks so far but I need cash. I’m going to be moving into my grandparents place which should be… eventful. I was just thinking the other day that I hope I’m not there too long as the bed I’m going to be sleeping on is something to be desired. Though, can’t moan too much with free food and board.

Assignments are going really well. I’m sort of ahead of myself. I’ve got all photos for one class finished. I would show them but thanks to some new in class legislation I can’t post them anywhere. Really lame. In two weeks time everyone can see everything. Then hopefully it will be forgotten about next year.

Assignments that are due until the end of the year:
Archetype/fairytale that fits into editorial fashion – no clue what I’m doing. not started.
3D paper object thing. – also no clue, not started.
Open project with complex lighting.  – finished. awesome.
Fashion/Advert with complex lighting. – finished. also awesome.
Alternative Process/presentation. – started. mega awesome.

I can’t wait until the shackles are off so I can show everyone what I’ve done!


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