First day of Spring!

21 Mar

Dear blog,
Sorry for neglecting you for so long.

Today I did a photoshoot with a guy who wants to be a model because he finds it fun. His name is Drew. He is very tall. He also drives a sweet car and is Dutch like me. He also bought me lunch which is a huge win.

We took some good pictures together and laughed a lot. We had lots of fun with bums and a high five that echoed all over Stephen Avenue. Two bums asked me to take their picture. I did and maybe offended one because I asked him how much it would cost me. It was free.

I also found out that the mac daddy i made for Lucas is a centre piece on their table tonight. They are having a pot luck so a lot of people are going to see him! I can’t wait to see what Lucas and Claire’s classmates all the way in Australia think of him.


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