Boxing Champ

4 Mar

Figure I should blog a lil somethin’ somethin’ today.

Updates in life… well school, which is my life. Today in class we are making stereograms. More specifically a contraption to hold our camera wether DSLR or disposible camera or whatever to be able to take a stereogram effectively. So, I went to my grandparents. Harry (grandfather) is very skilled in carpentry so I took him a little drawing and he cut me a piece of wood with two holes in it. supplied some screws and a couple wing nuts and voila! A stereogram contraption. I haven’t tried it out, I have a feeling the hole made for the tripod screw is a smidge too small. But, we shall see. Making a hole a little bigger isnt a biggy. (ha ha)

Other assignments I have are a webpage layout for my “design fundamentals” class. Which I am finding more and more to not be very design fundamental at all. We sit around on our laptops learning how to do things in InDesign and Illustrator which is useful, but I can stumble through that on my own with help of a book or the Internet. I’d much rather be learning about how colour and text function to get peoples attention and how they react or are stimulated by certain things.

Studio lighting we were paired off, I am working with Amie, lovely girl. Some of her work can be seen here. The theme for the photo is hero and villan. So one of us is a hero, the other a villian. High key photo, dramatic and all of that. I’m guessing there might be some very wild makeup/props happening.

That’s all that’s really going on for assignments these days. I’m not sure what I’m going to shoot for the stereogram.

I’ve been talking to a couple teachers of mine to try and figure out what kind of future I have and also how I can apply other things I am interested with into my practice. The sewing and drawing for example. One of them gave me a couple ideas that I think will work. I have a feeling this is sortof a phase of uncertainty and hopefully I can still do my own thing within reason as I am feeling slightly restricted. Wether that is the program or my own interpretation I’m not sure. But I would like to keep drawing and sewing in my practice after graduation. I’m not the type that is worried about having a style or sticking to one medium. I’m finding that there are a few very famous artists out there, Pablo Picasso for one, who was very versatile and used every medium he could for his work. I like the idea of being able to use whatever I want to express the ideas I have in my head. Feeling confined to just photography is conflicting with me currently.

Though, apart from that things are going along just fine. I’m pissed off about this whole Syncrude business but that is a very different blog post!


2 Responses to “Boxing Champ”

  1. Mom March 24, 2010 at 3:34 PM #

    The picture of New Jersey I have in my office keeps gathering comments because the buildings lean to the left lots. How did this happen? People want to know.

  2. jamie March 24, 2010 at 7:08 PM #

    It happened partly due to the lens I was using, my 10-20mm wide angle and partly due to a crappy job trying to correct the perspective.

    I was trying to straighten out the main building on the left, which I did, but everything else leans like crazy. I might attempt to fix this later.

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