GTA Style

27 Feb

When I have dreams they are usually quite interesting. Lately I have been having dreams that I remember and one of them I was able to make my own decisions in. I tweeted the summary when I woke up.

“I was driving around it was rather boring so I said “let’s do this GTA style!” wrecked my car and decided there was a gun in my glovebox.”

So the dream was pretty much I was driving around in my car which I found rather mundane, so myself in my dream thought “Let’s do this GTA style.” Drove around like crazy, crashing into people. I figured I would need a gun so I consciously decided there better be a gun in my glove box. When I opened it there indeed was a gun in there. It was so awesome.

so the point of this post is to feature a comic made by a friend from school, Greg Doble. He is one of the founders of Twinlings the comic blog I participate in. He has his own comic blog called You Like This. He takes status updates from Facebook and makes a little comic about them. So he chose mine! It is below. I love it.

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