Circa 1996

18 Feb

Found this piece of literature today in the basement. I got a grade of 50% on it because the start of my sentances were too repetitive, I had no introduction or conclusion and I was very disorganized and lacked planning.

Winter is a time when I feel gloomy and down. Winter is when bears and squirrels go to sleep. Winter is cold and white so you need to stay warm and tight. Winter is when the lakes freeze over and you can skate and fall over. Winter is the time when rabbits turn from brown to white. Winter is when you can sit close to the fire with loved ones. Winter is a time for snow and you can build forts and igloos. Winter is when the sun stays low in the sky and there are clouds way up high. Winter is when the trees go bare and there are branches everywhere. I don’t like winter because it is cold and white. I don’t think white is a colour at least so I’m told.

I don’t think my teacher liked my observations. She also spelled my name wrong on the evaluation, twice. It’s J-a-m-i-e not J-a-i-m-e. Plus white isn’t a colour. Bonus points for an 11 year old to know that.


One Response to “Circa 1996”

  1. Dorothy February 28, 2010 at 11:18 AM #

    Can I have that in caligraphy and framed? It describes Winter, and the repetition that IS winter.

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