Reading Week

11 Feb

Today is the start of reading week. Or “errand week” as I want to call it.

It seems that all the breaks I have from school are dedicated to not only home work but errands that I’ve been putting off because it’s the only time I have to do them. So far on my to do list:

Deposit cheques
Get a haircut (probably)
Buy film, shoot film, develop film
Study for art history midterm
Figure out what to do/get for my Dad’s Birthday
Work on magazine spread

I’m sure there are other things. I’ve got people to see as well. I’m bringing some cross stitch with me and embroidery projects as well.  I’m also bringing the first two seasons of Dexter with me gifted by a friend, I haven’t started watching it yet and reading week is the perfect time to get on that.

I’m only going for a week and it sounds like I’m cramming in enough things to do over a month…


One Response to “Reading Week”

  1. Lucas February 16, 2010 at 7:28 PM #

    I hope you enjoy Dexter. The first season is super awesome. That said it is no Extras or Office.

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