Earning A Cape

15 Jan

Today I felt like some sort of time traveling super hero. My photographic technologies class got to play with 4×5 cameras today. I even took one whole polaroid which, turned out pretty alright. The blacks are a bit dark, but getting under the cape [my jacket] and looking into the ground glass was pretty awesome. It’s slightly disorienting to be looking at an upside down and reversed image.

It was different looking at the ground glass to see my image instead of through a small viewfinder just right for my eyeball. The sharpness is amazing though, even though in mine it isn’t a very good image. It is overall much too dark. I’m guessing colour images would be something though. The polaroid I took was with very old black and white film. There were some hippy/super hipster snow boarders doing something just behind the statue out on the west side of the school, so I tried to photograph one of them hippy jumping [no joke] a chain. I pressed the shutter too soon and got a lot of motion blur, but for a first go and with a moving object, I’m alright with it.

All I need now is some good ol’ flash powder!

1/60 @ f11


One Response to “Earning A Cape”

  1. thelocalguide January 15, 2010 at 4:57 AM #

    hehe, it seems it was a great experience :). I’ve never tryed one of those.

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