Let's talk business… cards.

13 Jan

I don’t think I’ve talked about my current (and only one I’ve made) business card.

Well, there it is. To date it has now been blogged twice. The first time on Paper Pastries. Second time on Mint. I’m really flattered at all the compliments toward it. I’ve decided to be a little self indulgent and post them here. Hey, as an artist I need to know to have a -little- bit of an ego to promote myself, right? By the way, my card was last on the Mint blog post.

Allie Allen: I love that camera one! I think a hand made business card says a lot! It tells the person, “Hey, I really put a lot of work in this, and now I am giving it to you, so you better call me because I don’t just hand these out like candy!” (even if you might.)

vee: love the camera one, can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

joanna goddard: LOVE the last one.

Linz: I love these cards, especially the last.

As you can read, awesome.

If you are thinking about making your own cards it’s really quite easy. I used all store bought stuff. I found the camera stamp at a local scrap booking store. The text stamp [customizable 5 line stamp] and the blank business cards [that can be fed through a printer.] is from the local office supply store.

I did take a little while to figure out what I wanted on the front of my card, as it’s the first thing someone sees. I knew I wanted to use orange, which is my favourite colour. Plus orange is something bright and a colour not really used all that much. Though it seems to becoming more popular. My main logic was “I’m a photographer. I should use a camera.” Finding a stamp that fit what I wanted, size and graphic wise, took time too. [As I was buying, not designing my own.]

I would recommend not rushing into a business card and trying things out first to see how it looks before mass producing is a good way to go. Think about your favourite colour, why you like it. My main reason for liking orange is it’s a part of my past. I’m Dutch on my Mom’s side. Orange is the national colour for The Netherlands.

Plus the bonus of hand stamping is – Yes, it takes a little while to stamp out 200 of them but it takes a while to actually hand them all out. At least I’ve still got a good stock. You get the “artists hand” in there because your images aren’t -perfectly- square and center on the card. Another bonus of using stamps? It’s really easy to reproduce a billion times.

So is printing but stamping is more fun.


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