A Decade Ago…

3 Jan

I was 14. In grade 8. Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, K-9 in Old Strathcona, Edmonton.

Some of the teachers I remember are Mr. Wachowich – Science. Mrs. Lemuix – Math. I had some other teachers obvioiusly, but I can’t remember names. About this time in “language arts” or LA we read “The Giver.” A book I quite like. As well as “The Hatchet.” Which was also an interesting book. It was also around this time that math and science were gender separate [like health aka sex ed.] Which, I thought was the stupidest thing ever. There was a girl crying in every math class. I didn’t like math but i didn’t like girls crying over boys either.

I think in grade 8 there was also a sleep over at Fort Edmonton Park which was pretty cool. It would have been way better if i got along with any of the girls in my grade but I didn’t. So, I did my thing. I nerded it up with the tour guide and was kinda freaked out about sleeping in Rutherford house in just a sleeping bag. But with the fire going it was pretty sweet. No encounters from ghosts or anything. Though the guide has said that motion detectors have gone off without anyone being around that the cameras could see. ooOOoo~

It was about this time I got into model building, as there was a class in my junior high where all we did was buy a model car and build it. It was the best. I also took a class called outdoor education, not exactly sure what it was about but at the end of the term there was a camp trip. This trip was probably my first encounter with clausterphobia/panic attack that I can remember. We went on a night hike, which was a bad idea in my mind. I could have easily stayed in my tent, figuring I wouldn’t be forgotten. But, i went along. Everyone walked really fast so I was quite behind, and the tall pine trees closed in pretty good on that little road too. No night hikes for me ever again please.


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