30 Dec

So, I was thinking about the significant things that happened to me this decade. I think it shows I’m getting old by the fact I’m so “wowed” by the fact a decade has passed.

So, Here is my list of significant events in my life that happened in the “naughts” in no particular order. Or, as chronologically as I can remember them.

1. Turn of the Century. Spent new years in Newfoundland. Laughed about Y2K when nothing happened. Watched fireworks from my Nan’s window.
2.  Italy. Week long trip during spring break of grade 10. Venice, Florence and Rome.
3. The Netherlands and England. Traveling for a month was great. First solo trip abroad while in England for 3 weeks.
4. New York City. Christmas 2008.
5. September 11, 2001 [what list isn’t this going to make?]
6.  Meeting my cousins for the first time.
7. Discovering Ricky Gervais
8. Graduating High school and College.
9. Going back to school, ACAD.
10. Having cats!

That’s all i can think of. May add more later. Ten is a good number though.


1. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol (2006)
2. Shine – Take That (2006)
3. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ – Scissor Sisters (2006)
4. Love It When You Call – The Feeling (2005)
5. About You Now – Sugababes (2007)
6. Rule The World – Take That (2007)
7. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt (2004)
8. I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs (2004)
9. Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue (2001)
10. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley (2006)


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