23 Dec

Feedback from my Design Fundamentals teacher:
“You apply yourself well and I think that you generally know what you want, but your work hints at two disparate desires. At the same time you are making sculpture or cross-stitching, you are also photographing some cliché subjects. In some ways, I see this as a related phenomenon. It seems like you are struggling to find your artistic voice so that you can make art, yet you don’t see that as an easy option with photography. If I am correct in my interpretations, my advice to you would be to broaden your understanding of what art and photography can be. While you may not know how to make your photographs into what you see as art right now, if you don’t try, it will become more and more difficult. I encourage you to make photographs for yourself for a while, don’t pay attention to assignments or the popular aesthetic, just make some art with your camera (and no barns).”

I’m not sure what to make of that. One thing I really am asking myself is why I am in photo. It seems with my stitching and mixed media it isnt really what the major is about and i would be more suited for the drawing major which is pretty much anything goes.

Make photos for myself without paying attention to assignments. Such a tough thing to do when one is so bogged down with homework.

I am struggling to find my voice. I think this is ok for a second year student. I have 2.5 more years to find that. if I haven’t found it by graduation then that’s a huge issue. I trust I will have found something by then. I don’t tend to go with common trends anyway so I don’t think that is anything to be concerned about but I don’t have a definitive thing or genre I like photographing. I like my barns even if they are cliche and Thomas Kinkade I’m not going to stop that. at least I’ll keep up with the grainery anyways.

His feedback makes me feel a bit exposed and vulnerable. i don’t know what to say to someone about what I do or where I’m going with my work because I don’t really know. I know I have passion for it and want to make it my living. this is why I’m at ACAD in the first place to gain the skill and knowledge. I don’t think I could go about it without that environment. I don’t really know what to say about that feedback.


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