Love Today

9 Dec

I’ve left Calgary a day early and drove back up home to Edmonton. The weather is supposed to get bad tomorrow and worse on Friday so I took the opportunity, remaining teacher is cool with me leaving as all we would be doing is probably hanging around, chatting and handing in our portfolio of assignments. I am making a nice but simple PDF kind of like the zine but more just my photos completed for assignments.

I’m really looking forward to this near month off. School resumes on the 6th of January so this is quite the welcome week. I’m so over saturated with everything photography I’m looking forward to getting some sleep and doing some well overdue reading.

Before I left I gave my friend LR his christmas present, a little cross stitch of a Macintosh Plus. He loved it. I was and am very flattered. He also said he is taking it with him while on mobility in Australia. I was flattered even more.

I also found out something. Karl Pilkington has got a travel show in England. I can’t wait to see that. I really hope they put it on dvd out here.

Another great thing? Sublime Stitches, who creates a lot of the embroidery patterns I love have made their patterns as downloadable PDFs. Instant gratification on all these lovely quirky patterns that I’m assuming are for more than one time use. It’s so nice as a lot of those were buy only from the site then you’d have to wait for them in the mail. and at $3 US its hard to go wrong!


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