silence [no song playing]

4 Dec

Today it is snowing. Snowing really hardcore, though, it isn’t all that cold and I’m oddly not all that upset about it. I think I’m in that mood where i don’t give a damn… I just want school to be overwith so i can get on with my NEAR month holiday. Which, I am excited about. I’m so creatively done. I have no ideas (apart from the one I have yet to shoot for my Tuesday class) and that is fine, as the rest is teacher one on ones. I’m going to assume the one comment all round is going to be “your tardiness is something to be desired.” I know, I come in late sometimes. I think 5-10 minutes out of a 6 hour block of class isn’t all that significant.

Yesterday we visited one of my instructors studios. Really nice place, It’s like, a loading dock, but not. It just has the big door in the back and an office area as a loft. the rest is pretty empty. It was quite nice. the $3500/month on it was kind of intimidating, and the face i don’t plan on needing a space like that in the future is kindof nice.

One thing that is awesome that I don’t think i’ve spoken about is my adapter ring! Oh man, I just gained about 10 Zeiss lenses with that thing. it’s a contax to canon adapter ring. simple terms i can put that baby on an older contax lens and pop that onto my canon dslr. siiiick. I’ve really fallen in love with the Zeiss 50mm F1.4. Maybe it’s just me but I’m pretty sure the way better quality of lens over my 18-55mm kit lens is improving my colour. BUT I am also shooting in Adobe RGB which broadens my gamut. (word of the semester.) so, the photos might look a little flatter because of the increased gamut but i have much more colour range to play with. Also, it saves some translation time between sRGB and Adobe RGB. seeing as my colourspace in photoshop is Adobe RGB.

One thing thats a huge bonus to the Zeiss lenses as well is i’m much more in control of my photos. Well, I was before but now I must be concious of my F stop and focus as those are manual. the camera still does the shutterspeed for me. I haven’t really toyed around with the Manual setting because the camera can’t “talk” to the lens. so the Fstop always reads at F00. I’m not sure the manual works with the film lens. There must be a setting where i can still set my shutter speed.

I’m going to be heading back to Edmonton later next week which I am also quite excited for. I just “jaded” and i am for sure jaded. :/


1. dulled or satiated by overindulgence: a jaded appetite.
2. worn out or wearied, as by overwork or overuse.

The classes I am taking are great. It’s is a serious challenge to output projects when you have something like two 4-week projects and a bunch of smaller ones in between for the same class. so you really have a project due a week but youre supposed to be making a big elaborate one for the 4 week one. Two classes have been like that. Another technical class had an assignment a week which is fair. Most of it was things like, demonstrate equal exposures, demonstrate shallow to deep depth of field etc… As long as the teacher doesnt expect them to be all that enthralling, I’m ok with doing that. Though, there have only been a couple times where I feel genuinly swamped. As the term has gone on I have been getting into a creative slump. I’m hoping to gain that back over the holiday.


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