Followed the Waves

13 Nov


Things are going well at school, though group projects are doing my head in. Too many issues. Some unavoidable of course but frustrating regardless.

On a happy note I am doing my second sale -ever- this weekend! I’ve been making so many things and I am hoping they sell well. If not, I will pop everything that doesn’t go onto Etsy and save some for Christmas gifts. Some things I’ve made are lego and scrabble tile rings, embroidered stockings, doilies and some other things. I’m also tossing in some photos that didn’t sell during Art Walk in July.

This sale is supposed to be busy during the 5 hours so I hope that stays true. Lots of traffic is always good.

School wise things are getting busy. End of the term is coming crazy fast. A couple friends and I are planning a podcast which should be a great ongoing project. I’m really looking forward to recording. The first episode is “Space.” Everything to do with space wether its outer space, negative space, how art uses space, head space as in thought and so on.

Assignment wise i have a Zine which I’m trying to get people to contribute to, that second group project which is a cd cover for a band, a month long project which I am going to attempt to make a fibre book for, a recreation, an editorial… There is a bunch of stuff. A lot of my plate but it keeps me out of trouble which makes my mother happy.


I will update once the sale is over. A big success it will be! (Here’s hoping)


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