To Lose My Life

20 Oct

Last time I was talking about the “she’s crafty” assignment. I still lack a group, hopefully that will change today sometime. I’m still sticking with the cross stitch idea and will somehow incorporate that into the final plans. I’ve narrowed it down to 4 out of the 16 songs.

Coors Lite – Japanese Motors
Heart Skipped a Beat – XX
Shampoo – Elvis Perkins in Dearland
Tooth Decay – Eating Us

I’m going to have to listen to the tracks again and later come to an agreement with my group about which song we are doing and then we can go from there. i would ideally like to do a little pattern of some kind. really simple and straight forward as we also have to format it for iTunes and so it has to be recognizable when small as it will also need to translate on an iPod. I would also want to rephotograph it so the texture of the cross stitch is seen.

The rat traps went well. I would probably do some changes but overall keep it the same. I have yet to post a photo of them anywhere. Not many other projects are going on currently. I started a personal work of more post-it notes with strange but useless facts I know. Inspired by a friend, Lucas, I think it’s pretty good. Just trying to think of those things is difficult to do on the fly.


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