A Great Big Sled

14 Oct

Note to the two readers I’ve got: My blog titles will now be song titles I am listening to during bloggin. This blog is not about a great big sled, though, that would be awesome.

Question: How do people feel about group projects? I haven’t done one like this in years. 4 week project based around the idea of adaptation. Right when i start to feel excited about where we are going, we still aren’t at 100% consensus. We haven’t been at a consensus since we started. Which is quite unfortunate. I also think the bigger the group the harder it is to make everyone happy or at least at a compromise that they can live with.

In the class these group projects for we have another group project and I am preying that everyone keeps to the 3 people in a group. I’ll be upset if I’m in a large group again. Don’t get me wrong the people I’m with are lovely and very bright and talented, the lack of consensus frustrates me to no end. If i get the opportunity to work in the right group size with different people I think it will change my perspective on group projects again. I’m really dreading presenting our final result for the adaptation knowing one or more people, and i could be one of them too, aren’t happy with the end result.

Anyways, the next group project is titled “She’s Crafty.” We are supposed to come up with an album cover. (not an anal bum cover) for one of the tracks that the teacher has selected. One thing I’m really happy about is I haven’t heard any of these songs but one, and the one is used in part for a commercial. I have yet to listen to all the tracks in full or get a group but I think it’s going to be a sweet project. It’s supposed to have some kind of craft aspect to it. Like, a diorama constructed around whatever the song talks about taking into consideration the scale for the CD cover, iTunes album art as well as how that album art will show up on an iPod and still be seen clearly.

Right off the bat I’m thinking a cross stitched EP cover would be bad ass. It might be a bit complex as what I would do if i were working solo would be constructing my collage/mini set etc… photographing it then plugging it into a program I have to change it into a cross stitch pattern and then rephotographing that. Depending on the detail it would take a while, but would be so sick. I think having an EP cover with some cross stitch elements such as the text or something would still be pretty rocking. I mean, to admit being a total nerd (Or Keaner as LR has dubbed it) I am cross stitching a pattern used by Keane for their newest record. The coloured triangles. It looks so awesome. As long as having cross stitched text would fit into the feel of the song and the band of course.

On a side note I’ve somehow downloaded a Ricky Gervais Podcast I’ve never listened to. Completely missed out on Series 4. So I’ve been listening to that on and off enjoying hearing Karl spout of things I haven’t heard until now. I do love listening back to the old podcasts and audiobooks but there’s nothing like unheard content.

That’s enough yammering. In the words of Wesley Willis: Rock over London. Rock on Chicago. Heinz, it’s America’s favorite ketchup


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