Birthday + Concert + Nothing Ordinary

16 Sep

This past little while has been quite busy. I drove back to Edmonton on the 11th of this month for my Oma’s 80th birthday. It was a really nice night with lovely food and conversation. Her youngest brother even came form the Netherlands a second time this year for the occasion. Which was a very pleasant surprise for Oma.

Dinner was at the Manor Cafe. I had the Steak Fritz. Very good fritz with an interesting garlic mayo dip. Dark chocolate mousse for dessert. Tre good.


On the Monday after that event I went to a concert, which is a fairly rare event as not many musicians I enjoy come anywhere conveniently close. Luckily Keane were paying a visit to Calgary which was pretty amazing. First that they were bothering to come out here and second I was going! I paid a bit more for my ticket which allowed me to get early entry, thus me being right up against the barrier. I have never been right up front like that. I’m not sure I can go back to anything else. Being up front was so amazing. Being that close and just getting the energy off them first and being able to give it back to them “first.” They can see you as the stage lights do hit you, you aren’t part of this huge noisy black mass with no identity. You can make eye contact. Just so genius.

I am not a crazy fan, if anything I really admire what they do on an artist-to-artist level. I appreciate their music and what they do. After the show i had the pleasure of meeting the band members, getting a photo taken with everyone, as one must do. As well as getting the little tour photo book signed. A little fan girlish but when in Rome…

Somewhere Only We Know

Another great thing about the show I was super excited about was the opening act. LIGHTS was the opener for the Canadian dates which is pretty rad. Again, not a super crazy fan but I like her songs and am looking forward to hearing her record when it comes out next week. She sounds sweet live and it’s always neat hearing songs live before they are out on a record. Plus a pretty girl playing the keytar is always rad.


This doesn’t really have much to do with school but it’s fun to avoid “work” sometimes. I’m also really happy with most of the photos I took so this is a good place to just put them out there.

Tonight we are required to see a film called Cremaster 2 at The Uptown. I’m not really sure what it’s all about though I suppose it’s good to get out and see things to gain knowledge about it and form opinions etc… I will update this later with the review most likely.

Update: Some parts of Cremaster 2 were visually interesting. For the most part the film was a bit too far out of my box.

Tomorrow the “nothing ordinary” photo is due for critique. I have settled on this:


This is a little thing my grandfather, Harry, has made. It is in their basement bathroom and isn’t very easily seen when you walk in. It’s only until you sit down to do your business that you see it. Everyone’s first time is usually followed with laughter. It isn’t a real camera of course. Just an old lens of some kind mounted onto an aluminum plate that is bolted to a bit of wood. It’s been hanging there for years, you can see some red crayon I myself applied to it when I was quite young.


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