First Day to the Future

2 Sep

Today was the first day of school. Which also means it’s the first day of a 3 year trek to becoming a bonified “photographer.” There are 18 people in my class. This means these 18 people are in all of my classes, everyday for the next 3 years. That in itself is intimidating. I already know 4 others which is comforting. The four others are in my year, meaning it is their third year at ACAD but they are second years in the major.

Today was the first class of “Visualization Processes for Photographers.” After all the standard going through the outline, meet and greet stuff and lunch we got together to watch a film. Blow-Up. I had never heard of this but apperantly the main character is who Mike Myers based part of Austin Powers off of. In some of the scenes that is very evident. I’m not sure what to think of it so far. We only watched the first hour and it’s a little confusing. I suppose i’ll have a better opinion on it after next Wednesday when we finish watching it.

We did get an assignment already. After buying either vellum or mylar we need to print out one of our own photos and trace it in three different ways. You do have the option of using the three different drawings to layer them together at the end. so… one could be line, another texture and the last colour or something along those lines. I have a photo in mind, but I would like to look through everything I’ve ever taken to see if something else might be more interesting. I’m also not sure what 3 differences I want to do. We just have to buy supplies this week and we will be working on it in class next week.

This might be turned into a weekly blog… probably on Saturdays. Full of a run down of what the week entailed and so on. But I will play it by ear. If anything amazing happens I will be sure to update. It would be cool if this turned into an idea blog or a reference point not only for my but other people wanting to do what I am doing.


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