31 Aug

So, I’m in Calgary now as school starts on the second of September. I was secretly hoping my very old fashioned grandparents might have a neighbor I could “borrow” some Internet from but alas, everyone is smart and has them locked.

It’s not like I have nothing to do for a few days… It’s just that I tend to spend a lot of time online checking stuff out and talking to people. I’m sure being unplugged until I can access the Internet at school will be a good rest but I still can’t help feeling a bit out of the loop. Funny I’m saying that as this is being typed on my iPhone which has a couple apps like Tweetdeck to keep me updated on those “vital” things I “need to know.” I think I don’t like relying on the iPhone for everything Internet related.

Apart from that hassle I’m a bit apprehensive about school. Once I get into it I’m sure that feeling will go away. My main concern are the other 17 people in all but two (out of 6) classes for all three years I have left at ACAD. I they are a buch of drama queens or clique-y people I will not be impressed. I certainly don’t want to become some kind of snob because -I- got into photo and everyone else is a bunch of losers.

I’m also hoping that things will be a bit more open so it isn’t a must that I take a photo for every assignment. I wouldn’t mind keeping some of the drawing alive.

I’m sure I’ll labour over this tiny keyboard to dictate the first day and this… Exciting department wide meeting that’s going down on the third.

After all, this blog was started so it could be a document of my journey to becoming a “proffessional” photographer. I’m not sure how I feel about that title.

Will update on wednesday.

(I saw the new Star Trek last night. It was pretty awesome! I didn’t really like Spock and O’Hoora mackin’. Maybe I’m jealous haha.)


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