What's in a Name?

26 Jul

So, I was talking to a friend, who is a professional photographer, about my struggle to find a name for my “business” as it were. I personally try to keep away form using my name as it seems everyone uses their name for their endeavours. I wanted something a little more memorable and catchy as I don’t find my name all that catchy or memorable to say the least.

His argument was that “If you want to be commercial then a company name is great. If you want to be a artist then its your name.” Which I think is a valid point. At the moment I don’t want to be fully commercial with my work. I could see stock photography or something like that down the line but right now I would like to stick to the more fine art side of things.

I’ve settled on “Jamie… obviously” for now which I’ve grabbed from an actor/comedian I really admire. I’m not really sure why but perhaps I hope to have my signature displayed in any kind of media I use that people will recognize it as a “Jamie.” I’m also trying to become more organized. Adding contacts and labels and groups to my Gmail so I have mailing lists ready to go and all the contacts I want on my mailing list are right there in one spot.

Doing this blog is another step as I’ve decided to start on a little personal project which is documenting my progress through school trying to achieve my degree and become the professional photographer I want to be. I’ve also started up another Twitter account just for this project in itself. I’m hoping each meathod won’t become repeditive. I’m thinking at the moment that the tweets will be for short little thoughts, the blog a much easier way to elaborate on the thoughts and ideas for projects I have etc…


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