New York Update III

28 Dec

made it home. baggage arrived this morning all in tact. i got a lovely little note saying my baggage was physically inspected by some body in the US transport authority. brilliant. no bombs in my bag btw.
the welcoming committy (3 cats) were quite eager to see us which was nice.

Irving Berlin’s white christmas was quite the show. it was a musical in every sense of the word. more song and dance than story line. show stoppers and all that. it was good none the less. Wicked was very good again. the tracks make me choke up a little when they sing like that. just amazing. the girl who played Galinda/Glinda was very blonde and worked very well for the part.

mom caught a bug so dad and i went out for a day doing last minute things. first thing was B&H photo which was an insane photo/video/audio/telescope camera place. it puts the camera store in calgary to shame. seriously. it was really impressive. saw the canon mark III there. that camera is way too big man. id hate havin that dead weight around my neck all the time.
Next was the museum of natural history. that place is also massive and would take a couple days if not more to see. we saw a couple of the rooms which was pretty interesting as well as the blue whale they have in there. also massive. i bought a book on the highlights to see what i missed. the hall of human origin would be very interesting indeed. id also like to see the skeleton of Jumbo the elephant.
Next int he day was Wicked which ive described.

I went down to the museum of modern art myself after dinner. that place would also require a full day to see. i did see some original jackson pollocks and some andy warhols and some other people i didnt know. it was interesting but ive never really gotten into the whole gallery viewing scene. its just so rigid and impersonal in a way. id really like it much better if the artists were there talking about there work. obviously that cant happen with warhol and the others but it would be nice to know their intention, especially in contemporary galleries where the work is new. i just dont like looking at work without knowing their intention or meaning behind them. i bought probably too many books from the MoMA but how can you have too many books??
the MoMA was also crowded as it was free friday. i guess every friday night is free so it was pretty crowded.

Dad and i also toured around to Central Park to see Strawberry Fields. its a nice little spot. saw and photo’d the IMAGINE mosaic there. also saw the Dakota hotel where John and Yoko used to live. Yoko still lives there apperantly. it is quite the “hotel.” very swish indeed. no wonder she lives there. for those who dont know the Dakota is where John was shot as well. i have to say it was smart of the person to move the john lennon memorial to central park instead of in front of the hotel. it diverts he tourist traffic away from crowding the hotel. we also found our way to Battery Park. saw the statue of liberty from quite a ways but still saw her. saw New Jersey from across the Hudson river as well.
We also went to Ground Zero. not much really there from September 11th. it has been 7 years. it looks like a regular construction site now. the foundations are in and they are starting to build the core up it seems. got some interesting shots and you couldnt really see anything anyway as there is a big fence with mesh and other stuff blocking your view. the only decent view you could get was half up the stairs to a pedway across one of the roads.

i think thats everything we did. i was a nerd and bought a bunch of scrapbooking stuff for when i start on the new york section. its nice being home. i slept like a rock which was great. i still have lots of photos to go through and upload which is alright. gives me something to do. i go back to calgary on the 7th. school starts for me on the 8th.
i think thats all for the new york report. what a week.


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