New York Update II

23 Dec

today my parents are going to a taping of the David Letterman Show. apperantly they are filming the christmas show with Stephen Colbert and some other people. that should be fun for them.

yesterday we explored the subway system a bit. it is chaotic. i think thats mainly because the main times square station has ALL the lines congregating in one spot. so walking through there and trying to find signs was a bit chaotic. we rode the shuttle train to Grand Central station. it was a very nice building but its a lot smaller than i thought. like most landmarks are…tv is deceptive. lots of people in the terminal itself. i got some alright photos despite the darkness in there.

We were going to go up the Empire State Building but the line was a bit mental. it was an hour and half to get up to the observation deck once inside the building. they only let 16 people up at once so that was a no go. No wonder King Kong climbed it. i might attempt going up later in the day. if i do time exposures to try and get a panoramic i hope theres a bit of a ledge and i dont get in shite for trying to do that. you arent allowed tripods up there, not that i have one but still. a bit annoying but understandable.
I went into Macy’s which was a mad house. i didnt browse much as that is too many people for my comfort i just rode the escalators. they have wooden ones! i did a little research and this is what i found.

“Macy’s Herald Square store in New York City holds some of the more famous historic escalators. The models shown here, retrofitted with metal steps in the 1990s, are among the oldest of the store’s 40 escalators. Otis “L-type” escalators with distinctive wood treads (not shown) have operated in the store since 1927.”

the wooden treads are very odd. it wasn’t rickety at all. considering they are from 1927 they are still in very good shape for their age. i got a couple shots while on the escalator. i might post them later.

After the attempt to do the Empire State Building we decided to get something to eat. there is a place called Heartland Brewery right by the entrance to the building so we went in there for a bit of something. their root beer and popcorn shrimp is good.

Last night my parents and i went to see Spamalot. i regret knocking that show a bit. it was very very good. very funny. my dad caught the bouquet at the end when Arthur and the lady of the lake get hitched. that was great. to drop some names Clay Aiken was Sir Robin. there was a small crowd around the stage door after which i found a bit silly. i took a picture of this. another man probably not as known is Michael Siberry. He plays this guy named Bingo Little on a show called Jeeves and Wooster. im sure you all know who Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are. they were on that show many years ago. Long before House came along. Anyways that guy was in that show which was good to know as well. i didnt know anyone else from that show but you could tell some girls were swooning over Clay. poor guy.
i was a nerd and bought some coconuts. im sure you all are proud of me for doing so. now i can have my very own horse whenever i want.

i walked back from Macy’s to times square. it wasnt a bad walk. the blocks here are very strange in new york. at least in manhattan. they are short and long instead of squares like back home. its nice when you are walking to a place thats a bunch of short blocks. its annoying when youre going the wrong way on the long blocks. id say a long block is equivalent to 3 short blocks in distance.

i have yet to do the MoMa, Museum of natural history (which i will probably do while toodling around Central park, which is massive apparently. i might only get to strawberry fields/dakota hotel because i am a nerd like that. im fairly satisfied with what ive seen and done so far here. im a fairly relaxed traveller like that. i dont enjoy rushing through EVERYTHING because i would forget half of it or just be tired and cranky most of the time.
i do still need to do ground zero as well. that will be a bit depressing.

one thing that is also interesting is how dark it gets here in times square. the sun is still setting but because the shadows cast by all the buildings surrounding its dark super fast.

i took nearly 300 shots yesterday and im still going through them. keep watching on flickr for updates as i go along.


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