New York Update!

22 Dec

alright. ive been bad. i havent been keeping a journal or anything so far. there are no train trips to keep you in solitude. plus im with my parents to i have company.

we arrived at about 730 EST in new york. took a “taxi” aka a guy who drives people around for money who does have a boss…just a knock off taxi or something. $150 bucks which was pretty ludacris for a 20 minute drive. we arrived at the hotel which is VERY swish. the Marriott Marquee right in Times Square. mom said she got a room at the back of the hotel but i guess they upgraded us and put us right on Broadway. you can see all the lights out the window. if you dont close the curtains properly the light enjoys bothering me while sleeping. my bed is right by the window you see.

Last night (Saturday) we went to the first show of the trip, Equus. Show was amazing again. sadly not as amazing as it was the first time as i knew what was going on and knew it was going to be electric. it was still a very moving performance. i cried so, come on. its moving. If you know the play i cried at the bit where Alan is explaining what he sees and feels when he was with Jill the girl who worked at the stable. I dont want to give things away in case people are seeing it or something. Just very moving and incredibly emotional. I would be so drained if i had to do a show like that. It was interesting that my parents felt they related more to the Doctor rather than the boy.

Havent really done many sights as of yet. I went to the International Center of Photography. It was interesting, there were some very good photos (to me). my problem is ive never really gotten into the whole gallery setting. it seems to formal and impersonal. there was a nice display on this type of photo called the Tintype. basically a cheaper version of the degaeriotype (spelled that wrong. if you say it out loud it works) the thing i found most interesting about that form of photo is that people would make little sets and have costumes and such to take pictures with. its like very primitive digital photos. you would have to post for 5-10 seconds then treat the tin plate with chemicals, varnish it and in a few minutes the photo would appear.
the thing that reminds me of these tin types are those “vintage” photography studios where you go and dress up and get an old style victorian photo of you and whoever is with you. just completely staged and false. i really liked that part. i bought the book on the exhibition if anyone is interested.
another great thing i bought at the gallery (museum?) was a twin reflex camera! they claim to be the only place in America that sells them. it was a bit expencive but when its that exclusive….i caved. its a great little thing. i havent taken shots with it but it takes 35mm. i should buy a couple rolls and try it out while in New York. they had sample shots at the ICP and they looked very much like the Holga.

the website for it is here (i got the black one, vintage)

today (Sunday) i slept a bit as i think im jet lagging a little. I hung around Times Square. Went into the Virgin megastore and bought some shirts as well as a Charlie Chaplin dvd i dont think i have. if i already do it was a good price so nothing lost. besides, you can never have enough Chaplin! I also bought a couple “i heart NY” shirts for myself. one in the classic white red and black and one in green red and black. it felt Christmassy so it fit into the season and will be a reminder of when i went. i bought some music books at a broadway store. Peter Pan original score with Mary Martin. i grew up watching the tape of that and i think because of those memories its one of my favourite plays. i bought the music for Wicked. im not into many of the songs but some might be good if i get into singing again. plus my mom will like the score im sure after we see it so she can play it on the piano. i also bought the score for Parade which has some great music and songs in it that i like a lot. I was also a major geek and bought 2009 glasses. the “00s” being where the eyes go. i wont be here for new years but where else am i going to find a pair of those??

tomorrow im not sure whats in store. weather depending we are going to go see the statue of liberty. We are seeing Spamalot tomorrow night which will probably be hilarious. another shirt im sure will come out of that. and a fridge magnet as well no doubt.

I havent been taking too many pictures as of yet. ive taken a couple with the Holga but im unsure how they will turn out with the lack of sun and constant shade in times square at any rate. im hoping times square will be fairly quiet on christmas eve/christmas day so i can get some interesting long exposures with all the lights. im also hoping to do the same while up the empire state building.

i think this is all for now. umm….i think this is my facebook status but if you are reading this and would like a I heart NY shirt (and i havent already talked to you about this) im willing to buy people them if they would like to pay me back. they are $15 and come in white, black, green, purple and pink. give me your shirt size and colour you would like and i will pick one up for you.

thats all for now. this is a massive post as is. good on you for making it this far!


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