19 Days!

1 Dec

oh man, 19 whole days until New York City!
so many things to do and see. im going for 8 days. It is going to be mental. But i figure if i can see all of The Netherlands in 10 days, a bunch of New York will be a breeze.
Things ive been told to do:
go to china town for some dim sum
walk across the brooklyn bridge as the view will stay with you for a very long time
Check out some Galleries
See some Broadway
Ground Zero
Rockefeller Center for the massive christmas tree

as for what i would like to do solo without the folks:
Statue of Liberty. ive heard there is a free boat that goes around it. I dont want to get on the Island to be honest.
Arty stuff will probably be done alone
Empire State Building
Chrysler Building – i think i can go up it.

We are seeing 4 shows as a family:
Equus (the show that sparked this whole thing)
and Irving Berlins White Christmas (no Bing Crosby or Danny Kay but i think it will be awesome)

Im also going to be good and take the good camera im thinking wide angle lens and zoom as well incase i need the 300mm on the ship to get the statue of liberty. as well as my laptop/external memory so i dont lose that stuff. Bad experience with another trip. then again my laptop was shite. but that means i can keep up on here and on flickr.
Do americans have Boxing Day? i guess it doesnt matter either way.

as far as i know we are staying in Times Square. its going to be noisy as hell but i think that will be part of the whole New York experience. Also ive heard the weather is pretty mild so i dont plan on taking a whole bunch of crazy thick clothes. ill bring a toque and mitts and a jacket and stuff. i wear hoodies regularly anyway so thats a decent layer. if winter keeps doing what its doing here (no snow and decently blue skys) i might not need that stuff at all.

another cool thing im bringing is the travel journal. the same one i kept while in holland and england. maybe it will be a habit to bring it with me for all trips and just have it filled right up with memories.

Many have asked about the origins of our City’s flag, and the meaning of the colors of the flag and symbols in the City Seal.The flag combines orange, white and blue perpendicular bars of equal dimensions (the blue being nearest to the flagstaff) with the standard design of the seal of the city in blue upon the middle white bar, bearing the number 1625. These are the colors of the Netherlands flag, the country which provided the first European settlers to our area in the year sixteen hundred twenty-five.

Interpretation of the Symbols of the City Seal

Eagle – – Symbol of New York State
Indian – – Represents Native Americans that were already here
Sailor with navigational tools – – Represents settlement
Beaver – – Symbol of the Dutch East India Company (This was the first company to come to New York City)
Windmill, Barrel and Flower – – Represents early industry

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