New York Itinerary (so far)

29 Sep

For those interested i am going to New York City this Christmas.

We leave December 19th and return December 27th.
The Paramount Hotel is where we will be staying, its in Times Square so that’s going to be pretty sweet and convenient.

My parents and i have 4 Broadway shows booked for sure. I’ll be taking “risks” if there are any more id like to see using the tkts booth that was so great at Leicester square in London last year.

We are seeing Wicked, Spamalot, Irvine Berlin’s White Christmas and Equus. all shows are around the 4th row which will be amazing. Im already wondering if merchandise will be the same. i don’t need another green monkey from wicked but if they have another Equus shirt, hopefully nothing too obvious its Daniel Radcliffe on it. the logo for the show is really great, no one knows what it is haha. So if they’ve got something along the line of that i might dig it.

Apart from all that i dont know what else im going to be doing. there are some photography things id like to do. i think its called B&H photography. Its this big camera store that has every camera imaginable. worth checking out. there is also the International photography museum or something like that. permanent collection of 60 000 photographs from all the huge names of photographers through the years as well as ongoing exhibitions.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the statue of liberty. it isn’t a MUST. buts its like the London Eye. mind as well when you’re in town.

I’m going to be talking to one of my photography teachers who grew up around New York and knows some off the beaten path stuff. that’s more what i’m looking for. ill be bringing a camera (not my SLR, im lazy) so id like to try and get some nice pictures of fun stuff. I’m bringing the Canon G9 so dont worry about me wasting my time taking shots. it is RAW capable and ill be packing the laptop too so i can upload pictures after the day so they don’t get lost like the Europe shots did. i might go so far as to bring the external memory but i don’t want to go overboard. i trust the Macbook over some 8 year dell laptop any day.


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