the brilliance of greenpeace and people overreacting to ducks.

24 Jul

received May 8th 2008
An update on the Aurora waterfowl incident

This message is to provide you with an update on last week’s incident involving the flock of waterfowl that landed on the Aurora Settling Basin.

First, I appreciate the dedication our staff has shown in managing this crisis. It is a testament to how deeply everyone feels about our environmental responsibilities as a company and how we as residents care about the protection and safety of local wildlife. In particular, I would like to thank the team of employees involved in responding to the incident on April 28th.

Considering the attention the incident has received in the media, I would also like to take the opportunity give you a brief summary of what happened on April 28th and the response. Tailings personnel first observed birds in the area around 9:30 a.m. They then assessed and confirmed the situation and did the right thing by contacting Syncrude’s Environmental personnel, who provided information to the government around noon. This was followed with a further update by mid-afternoon. By 6 p.m., Syncrude staff were working with government officials on the ground further assessing the situation and the response. I should also mention that, throughout the day, significant resources and personnel were focused on the deployment of the bird deterrent system, including the sonic canons and scarecrows.

Our systems have worked well for decades, but we all agree this sad incident demonstrates changes must be made. Accordingly, we have started the process to examine our overall waterfowl management program to see what we must improve.

Although we’re all saddened by what has happened, I’m proud to see your commitment in providing the best response possible during this difficult time. I look forward to providing further updates to you as they develop.

Thanks for your continued support.
Tom Katinas
Syncrude President and CEO

received July 24th 2008
Syncrude responds to oil sands protest

Syncrude confirms that 11 Greenpeace activists entered our Aurora site earlier today without permission. It is believed they gained access by breaking through a locked gate. The protestors were found by Syncrude personnel and escorted to another area on the site to ensure their safety.

“We are thankful no one was hurt,” said Tom Katinas, President and Chief Executive Officer. “While we encourage debate and dialogue about the environmental impacts of oil sands development, we do expect it to be conducted in a lawful and professional manner. The action of the protestors put themselves at risk of injury given their unfamiliarity with the operations of a large and complex industrial site.”

There were no environmental impacts or operational upsets as a result of this incident.


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