1 Jul

i got accepted for sure, for sure into ACAD. i got the fancy postcard type thing saying, register on this day, come on down this day for orientation and bring the family in the evening for some apreication and suppourters thing. me being a total keener having my schedual planned out and everything! i had it started about a few months ago but now i have this years official times so i made it up, and its just waiting to be logged in. its getting close to crunch time for this 2 months! holy smoke. i think for things i need im pretty much set, i just need some cookware and tupperware and ill be set. IKEA is the devil haha. ive got lots of stuff from there for decoration and just like little cute stuff to make the dorm lived in you know? i know im not allowed to burn candles (and i wont be) i bought a little set of 4 holders with robins egg blue candles for my dining table, a bowl and some other stuff as a centerpiece for my coffee table. ive got some art framed up to put on my walls im not bringing lots of wall frowm what i can remember there is the spraypain piece from the fringe last year, a van gogh print i got in amsterdam and maybe the miffy poster and a photo of jim. and then all the postcards and my own work that im just going to put in little clusters around the place, or maybe on the wall between the bathroom and bedroom. and i still need to get a frame for the jonathan luckhurst print. also if i buy another spraypaint and luckhurst photo and if i get something done by alison tunis, a girl i went to elementary school, she has a really nice abstract that id like to buy but i dont know how much shes charging. shes doing this art walk thing on whyte so i think ill check it out!


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