23 May

saw the killers tonight. damn! they are so good live. they played a couple hours plus a double encore. brandon flowers sure has alot of stage presence he REALLY gets into the songs. the opening number was so cool lots of confetti all over the place i had AWESOME seats just 2 sections away near the floor. holy shit i screamed and waved my arms so much and whistled like crazy. i think i got some really awesome pictures too.
it was Ashleighs first concert im so glad it was really fucking good for a first time. i think ill be taking her to more concerts with me.
hot hot heat opened for the killers they were really good live. i could help but laugh at how the lead guy plays his keyboard hes all freddie with the wide spread legs and way down low. hahaha. oh man. i think my throat is going ot be shit tomorrow i was singing as loud as possible and couldnt even hear myself. my ears are ringing my feet are a little sore as i stood for the whole killers set. they played alot of sams town and a fair number off of hot fuss. the set list was really really good. and this is definatly not in order except for probably the first one and the last ones.

enterlude – during the beginning projections
Sams town
jenny was a friend of mine
mr. brightside (HELL YES)
smile like you mean it
somebody told me
all these things that ive done
on top
when you were young
bling (confession of a king)
for reasons unknown
read my mind
uncle johnny
bones “ive got a feeling…not in my heart….or in my skin….but in my BONES”
my list

they played a could Bsides i honestly cant say i know possibly the ballad of michael valentine

hot hot heat did a good set too.
running out of time
goodnight goodnight
middle of nowhere
diry mouth

and probably more of their older stuff…i dont really know them all that well but i do own their newest album elevator where the songs above are off of.

so yeah…wicked show cool stage set and all that. rock horns up baby!


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