25 Apr

what is it that makes train rides so philosophical? perhaps its the landscape soaring by and youre stuck sitting still that makes me reflect on the years past that seem to have flown by as fast as the scenery. its interesting seeing the modern and old things in england merged together. the modern buildings brands and cars mixed in with the land and old brick bridges that seem to be ancient. there was a canola field near the tracks that i passed by. it reminded me of home. im not sure why canola is so nice to see. i think its the bright yellow contrasting everything around it. the houses in the towns i pass seem to be stuck in time. the old industrial revolution type row houses laced with highways beside them. its strange to think of this as very alberta like, rather alberta is alot like here. the only difference is the age and the trees. pine trees are not common here, just like the netherlands. ont thing i miss about holland farmland is the lack of fences. there they use water filled ditches to separate land and keep animals in. its cool to see that indeed you can tell its a town by the church spire risin out amid the houses. churches and billiages probably a couple hundred years old. staying in london i think i lost the history. yes it is still there but its hard to find. there are modern things everywhere. im glad i got on the train today. it took a bit of convincing myself for whatever reason. i guess it let me “find england” its a bit of a grey hazy day, no doubt going to cast a mood on stonehenge. a good place to go if i want history. still standing after 4000 years. daunting and inspiring. ive got 98 photos left im probably going ot take many of them today. i think ill have to play stonehenge by spinal tap as some sort of bizarre tribute to the builders of stonehenge.

stonehenge. it was interesting but again the scale was a bit….not what i was expecting. TV makes things look HUGE when in fact they arent all that huge. yes the stones are massive and im sure the hauling them from wherever thy came from was a bitch. i got there late which was good. the crowd was quite small and there wasnt all that much of tourist traps. one gift shop where i picked up a few things. i DID pay my tribute and there was no monumens in danger of being crushed by a dwarf. i dont think ill listen to that song the same way.
after stonehenge i hung out in salisbury for a couple hours. first going to the salisbury cathedral. the cathedral was built in 38 years from 1220 to 1258, because it has no influence from other centuries it is definatly gothic. the cloisters are the largest in england andthe spire stands at 404 feet or 123 meters. the mechanical clock is one of the oldest pieces of working machinery in the world telling time since 1386. int he octagonal chapter house stone feiezes from the 13th century tell old testament stories and one of the four copies of the Magna Carta has been there since 1225. the magna carta is basically the charter of rights type thing made by the king and some other people that america and other commonweath countries have adopted.

after the cathedral i went into the oldest pub in Salisbury called the Haunch of Venision which dates from 1320. very atmosphereic and it was cool eating in a heavilly beamed half timbered place thats been there for that long. the food was excellent too.

today im going to west minster abbey and then battle on thursday or maybe windsor castle and battle on friday. ive already pretty much packed up everything that needs packing.

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