April 23rd 2007

23 Apr

update on other things i have been doing.

i did go see billy elliot the other night. very cool show great choreography and the rest. apperantly the whole team from the film has been on the production of the musical which is cool in itself so the same choreographers directors and so on. the music was really good alot of it taken from the script of the show. but none the less Elton John did a wicked job with it.
i also went to madame tussaudes yesterday. honestly save your money. the craftsmanship was amazing extremely lifelike…but it was shite. all it was was a big room with lots of celebrities spaced out in it so you can pose with them. then you go to the pirates of the carrabean room where depp, bloom and knightley were. then to another room and its down to the scary part with all the torchure bits and beheading then out again to the sports stars..i blasted my way through that one. and then on to the music where freddie and the beatles were and political figures. i wanted to take a poto with bush flipping him off but there were too many people. but there was pope john paul II and hitler along with many others. and then there was this LAME as hell “show” about the stars in one of the domes like at the space and science centers, the behind the scenes life of stars…it was really a whole bunch of CG aliens describing what the think a celebrity is. oh and before that there was this one small room with a shite display on how they make the models. it was shite as ive said a few times before. it seemed to be all about the celebrities theyve made and NOTHING about the process which is what i was interested in. and of course after that crap “show” the doors open to the vast gift shop. they only got a pound out of me i made one of those coin press things that just saids madame tussaudes london on it. i felt that was all it was worth really. god that place was crap! so honestly if you go…dont go. save your money.
they had one blurb about how it got started. madame tussaude used to take the death masks of people when they died oviously. so like marie antoinette and louis XXI and all that. i guess people were interested in the death masks so she took her “show” on the road and ended up in london. thats all i know because thats all they really tell you. the eye was more entertaining than that really.

tomorrow i think is stonehenge im going to get my ass out of london and go somewhere. seeing as im home on saturday! only 6 days left. sheesh. the time went fast.

i still dont know why Pete effected me so badly. i guess i cant walk from this going “well if he was interested than ive still got a chance” i think id end up regretting things more if something did happen than regretting nothing happening at all…does that even make sense?? i was very flattered he was a nice guy. im not sure why me though but maybe he thought he fancied me through those beer goggles haha.

well im glad i got the single room for school because something in the bathroom pissed me off not all the way but just annoying. i was in the shower and charging my phone, at least so i thought. some girl hooked up her phone using MY cord and adapter because she had the wrong type….i looked at that thought “what the hell?” was mad because MY phone was supposed to be charging for that time. i just unplugged her phone and left. i dont like people using my things without asking. i mean…she could have asked right? if it was my thing? if she had asked it would have been a different story. i know its a small issue but still. its annoying when people use your things without asking. like ashleigh was saying she was fine if people used her stuff like a plate or whatever if they told her and made sure it was cleaned and put away. THATS ok but using without asking is not cool.

i think ill see a play tonight. what play? ive no idea.


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