April 20th 2997

20 Apr

yesterday i thought i was going to billy elliot. turn out thats actually today, i got ahead of myself with the days. so right near where i was there was the theatre where wicked was playing. for those of you who dont know i LOATHED wicked in college because the actors wouldnt shut up about it and they kept singing the one song that got MOST annoying. it suited the show…because she only sang it once. ONCE!!!! not over and over. yeah its a good song, i like it when i hear it ONCE in a while. not every second of the day. anyways. overall i very much enjoyed it. i liked how the story coinsided with the original wizard of oz and im totally on the wicked witches side man. shes not wicked at all! shes awesome. its cool to know how the tin man, the scarecrow and the lion came about. tin man still totally my favorite though its kinda sad how it came about. and it explains why he doesnt have a heart 😦 so i thought that whole intertwining thing was really cool. though i didnt quite grasp why the “ruby” slippers were silver in the play…and how they got ruby. i think ill have to read the book now. the music was pretty awesome too. very uplifting. i got myself a green monkey which is going by the name of Green Monkey…or Master GM. that sounds cool. also a green shirt that says “defy gravity” after that. heck yes i will.

i also ate in a pub yesterday. that was cool. it was called the Duke of York. nice pub and im glad they had non smoking upstairs it was a bit cloudy downstairs. i dont think i could end up with an englishman. id end up giggling at all the silly slang. i ran into a waiter on the stairs going upstairs and he paused and we said hello and so forth and i asked him how he was and he said im good, smashing rather. i just giggled and carried on my way.

i also took a cab home last night i was out on the internet a bit late. so i got into a red “black cab” very cool. the driver and i didnt say much but i got the old “where you goin’ to luv” and all that. i know its just slang but i find it charming for whatever reason. and those cabs are nice! i was in an older one but TONS of leg room. it was glorious. at one point he had to put the breaks on a bit to stop and my stuff fell over and a “sorry luv” came from him hehe. im so lame! it felt a little odd being on the left side in the back looking out the front window with no ones head there. it was a fun way to travel at any rate.

i also flew the eye! wooo. it was good at first then as we got higher…and higher i got more and more nervous. thank goodness for the bench in the middle and railings around the edge. it was nice though, nice day to do it.

i saw billy elliot tonight. great show very cool music. got a couple shirts for myself and Ashleigh seeing as she dies over the movie. i went to the same pub again i was really hungry after the show. apart from that i didnt really do much because i was out late so i slept in late. not sure whats on the plans for tomorrow. if i get up in time westminster abbey. for the weekend i think ill be going outside of london but im not overly sure.


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