April 17th 2007

17 Apr

Equus. just the thought of the show makes my heart start racing and emotion come back. i dont think ive been moved by a play like that for so long. to kill a mockingbird might have been the first one. that was in my first year of high school. i regret the thought that half the people were there just to see daniel radcliffe and richard griffiths. i admit the names drew me as well but that wasnt the soul reason i saw it. i also regret that it takes such large names for a show like that to become seen by many people. it definatly shouldnt. i wished i had seen it in edmonton when my friend david was a horse….but im not sure it would have evoked the same emotions. i laughed, and i most certainly wept (openly) for the poor boy Alan Strang almost posessed by horses and his God Equus. if you do or dont know the story….im torn between his action of blinding those 6 horses as right or wrong. to sum it up how i interpreted it is that Equus has basically taken over the boy….he couldnt feel anything BUT Equus haunting his soul. when he tried to make love to a girl in the stable the presence of the horses disturbed him because he knew they were watching and he could hear equus speaking to him. yes the door was closed but damnit…he was still talking. and he had seen everything. he didnt want equus spying on him anymore and he couldnt FEEL anymore. when he touched the girl (who was amazingly beautiful ill carry on that later) he felt hide not skin instead of hearing her he heard him, equus. so to rid equus of his site over alan, and equus is in all horses…he blinded those 6 in the stables that night. and the RAGE of those horses as they stormed from their stables in rage from the pain and not being able to spy on him anymore…was so amazing. god i wish i could describe the climax of the show. the show ended….and they bowed the illuion was gone and i was left shaking and clapping and standing. if it werent so hot here these days im sure i would have left wide eyed pale and in shock. thats how i felt anyways….

back to the girl and her beauty. not her only but alot of the girls ive seen here. they are FULL FIGURED and in lead roles. the actress laying the actress in elephant man, the girl last night, even roxi in chicago. one thing im still trying to grasp. they arent the disgustingly thin girls you see back at home. the girl yesterday im a litle embarassed to admit but i thought of the birth of venus. i am in no way leaning toward being gay but i can and do admire the human figure of both genders. just seeing full figured girls like in the old paintings is so much more beautiful than the thin girls at home. in my opinion. during chicago there was this one especially thin girl in the chorus and all i could think when seeing her was “god shes thin” granted she was petite and a dancer and all the rest but she was SO thin. id be afraid of snapping her arm off if i shook her hand. and a few men are large sized too i mean richard griffiths in all honesty is not a small man (uncle vernon in the harry potters if you dont know)

now of course there were those stupid fan girls…and after the show they say they will be embarassed to watch harry poter and so on seeing as they saw him as naked. good grief. the nakedness was completely appropriate as usually is. he was going to make love to a girl give him a break…how can you do that with underwear on and then in a fit of mad rage need to pull them back on when youre supposed to be blinding horses…stupid. the whole mechanics of the moment would be off if he needed to stop and pull them on again. after seeing the naked version and thinking of the other way pulling them up or not even making love to her (out of the question) just would not work. get over it you saw him naked. isnt that why you were there? “oh i think ill have to go home and watch something happy now but NOT harry potter *giggle*” BARF.

anyways….electric show.


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