April 16th 2007

16 Apr

needless to say ive seen enough naked bodies at the theatre this week to last a while. sounds very odd and a bit creepy, not my intention. the elephant man and cabaret (a very VERY risque performance) had naked people of both genders. not that im proud of seeing it or anything in some parts in cabaret im not sure it was really needed. the conclusion was very fitting the chorus ended up being gassed.
im not sure wh all the naked talk. i think my childhood fears are being brought out by the book im reading “moad is my Washpot” by Stephen Fry. sortof an autobiography and half rambling…which i followed because well…i think in exactly the same way. he also had a hatred of the after gym showers and loaths or loathed his body never finding himself atractive and everyting that goes along with it. in that way we are alike.
i do admire people who have no fear of being naked infront of others. maybe im too old fashioned and let my modesty get the best of me. i have a friend who can run about naked willy nilly …litterally. it is funny when he does that but i do envy their confidence and that their body is just a body…to my mine is very important and im VERY protective…i dont like giving it away.

now speaking of being protective i was forced onto a fight or flight situation yesterday and i sure as hell flew as fast as i could. i was in leister square yet again sitting on one of the benches and there were a couple of french girls on the bench ajoining mine. i saw this guy walk by before thinking something was not quite right about him …and of course he comes back and sits where? right beside me…dammit. but thankfully he goes on and atempts talking french with the french girls then suddenly he turns to me going hello…whats your name. being polite i respond and he says his name is George. my confidence in that truth isnt 100%. he asks if i have some italian in me. he pets my hair……yes i know. i say no im dutch and he asks me to speak some…i tell him i cant. then he appologises obviously noting that my cheeks have flushed out of shyness and embarassment that this stranger just touched me. so he appologises and i tell him that from what ive seen italians are very open and friendly and we are not used to that in north america…so he turns and continues talking to the french girls all of a sudden taking out 2 cans of beer. im not overly sure you can run around and drink in england. maybe you can. so george is still talking and i swear i heard something about “tossing salad” the french girls seemed a bit confused at this term and to myself im thinking “WTF” then he stands before them still talking and must have said something to upset one of the girls because she gets up and starts getting her things saying “ok goodbye” he starts appologizing and when i see that they are leaving …there is no way in hell im going to be stuck with him alone so i get up and walk away, quickly. i look back (dont know why) and see that hes looking around probably wondering where i went and i think our eyes met. let alone he looked a bit dissapointed he was going home empty handed.

sounds a bit like a soap opera with all the he said she says going on but…he was creepy. i didnt want any part of him around me or touching me even though it was slight but it was pretty clear what this guys intentions were….ugh.

i was hanging around leicester square because i was going to the cinema later on. i saw blades of glory. that might be a buyer actually. anyone who likes that sort of silly will farrel nomesense will like the movie. i cant help but think what real figure skaters feel towards the film though.

tonight im seeing Equus or from what ive heard the “harry potter naked show” as some idiot on the street called it while passing the theatre. that bothered me. the poster in itself is very cool ive posted it up on the photos page. ill be sitting on the stage cheaper seats and a more intimate experience. it will be interesting as it was with maggie smith to see this boy do something other than harry potter and prove himself that way. also the story should be interesting as well….what provokes this horse loving (?) boy to blind 6 of them suddenly.


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