April 14th 2007

14 Apr

just reading through the programs of the shows ive seen so far last night. the man who played John Merrick aka the elephant man is Marc Pickering who was Young Masbath in Tim Burtons sleepy hollow! the one thing i keep forgetting about west end is its the broadway ofthe UK. duh. dont get me started on the talen in the Lady from Dubuque (said doo-buke like duke but with a B) ok…ill start…first off Dame Maggie Smith. SERIOUS. the only reason i saw it in the first place VERY good show over all a bit strange i need to think about it more they adressed the audience a shit load too. but there were some hilarious parts. The Lady was sortof scater brained off the wall woman who rambled on about alot of things when all the husband wanted to know was who the hell she was. she said to be the wifes mother…though they never really get that confirmation. anyways no need to list her endless credits…then we have a few other people who were in all sorts of things like sex in the city, law and order, braveheart, master and commander, sleepy hollow and so on. i still feel like im going to shows at the citadel or something. no offence to anyone in any party. but i guess its just either surreal or the difference doesnt matter to me. but the theatre last night was amazing! 280 freaking years old and still totally old school inside. i wonder how ill feel after Equuis with Daniel Radcliffe better known as harry potter in the films. i dont know for me it IS weird seeing famous people but not in the way most would think. i mean i was 20 feet from Maggie Smith last night but i didnt see her as THE MAGIE SMITH i saw her as the lady from dubuque rambling all over the place and asking her friend why hes black hahaha (“because my mammy and pappy were black!”) that WAS in the play. i think im a weird fan that way. if i saw someone famous and they saw me id rather just say hi then start having a spaz. not to be rude but they have things to do so do i and i mean EVERYONE asks for an autograph…might be more memerable if i just say hi how are you? instead of yet another fan girl freaking out and falling over themselves. id probably ask for a photo with them..but i mean its not like im going to readilly forget i said hey or even saw someone i admire.


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